Best Entry Level IT Resume Sample

An entry level IT resume is what you need if you are applying for information technology jobs but you don’t have an experience. But since you don’t have an experience to sell, you should be focusing on the key elements that your resume must contain and these include your career objective, key skills and overall presentation of a good application. Check out the following for what to include in your high school resume as well as tips on how to write one.

Features of Entry Level Information Technology Resume

entry level it resumeStrong and professional presentation

entry level it resume helpUse of specific skills to highlight expertise

entry level it resume tipsVolunteerism, related activities for the job

entry level it resume adviceEducation

entry level it resume sampleTransferable skills

What to Include in Entry Level IT Resume with No Experience

entry level it resume with no experience
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entry level information technology resumeFont size and point size: This is the face of your application that an employer first sees. You should choose a style that can match your professionalism level and your chosen industry. Some of the most popular choices on font style include Arial, Times New Roman and Arial. For the size, you can choose something larger than 11-size point to compensate for the lack of content your entry-level resume has. But don’t choose font size that is less than nine, so you should remember that when writing your application.

entry level information technology resume sampleContact details: This section should be where to put your name, which should be larger than the rest of the text. Following, you should write your phone number, email address and LinkedIn profile address. All these are important to include in this section. Do not forget your full mailing address in this section, too, but this is now optional for most resumes. When it comes to your email address, see to it that you are using a professional one and not a funny sounding one. If possible, create an email address that contains your complete name and your industry. {e.g.]

entry level information technology resume samplesObjective section: If this section is needed for the specific position which you are applying for, but do not have this one included if you will just be writing about a general overview of your career plans or goals. Use an objective section if you have a specific objective in mind, but skip it if leaving it behind will make room for more important details.

entry level information technology resume exampleSummary: This is a quick overview of your record of accomplishment and your professional skills. It should be only at most three sentences or six bulleted points. In all cases, clichéd summaries must be skipped or you will just lose important space.

entry level information technology resume examplesEducation: This is the section where to write your educational background, including colleges attended, degrees earned and sometimes grades earned, too. Be sure to have this section close to the top of your application, what you need for entry level information technology resume.

entry level information technology resume onlineExperience: Because you don’t have a job to include in your resume, you should focus more on your volunteering, internships and other relevant experiences outside the classroom. However, you should be able to choose only those that have to do with your targeted job, so you should not list down all the experiences you have if they do not have anything to do with the job you are applying.

entry level information technology resume formatSkills: You should only list down the skills that have to do with the job you are applying.

There you have the top ways on how to write a resume for information technology job that you need to know. Make sure to follow all these tips when writing for the best results. You can also see other samples on our website. We have huge amount of samples for high school students like for example entry level administrative assistant cover letter sample.

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