Learn Everything About High School Resume Format 2015

The high school resume for college has many purposes like it gives counselors and teachers the details they need to know about you. It provides the reader about your interest, skills and talents. Writing the high school diploma resume is not easy because you need to have a good format.

What is Special About Format: High School Resume Format

If you have a good format, the reader will have an easy understanding because the information is not scattered. With a good format, all details are arranged logically. For layout and structure, check this out!

Me Smith

143 Village Road



Objective: This section is a brief statement that expresses your goal for college or employment.  It is about what you want to do.  You can start your objective with “to”. For instance, “To attend a college and obtain a degree”.

Education: Simsbury High School, CT

Honors and Awards:

  • Book Award: Grade 11 to 12
  • Honor Roll: Grade 10 to 12
  • Honor Society: Grade 9 to 11
  • Scholar of Simsbury: Grade 10

Extracurricular activities:

  • Student Council: Grade 9 to 12
  • Basketball Varsity: Grade 9 to 11


  • City Pizza Little: Grade 9 up to present
  • Community Service and Volunteer Experience:
  • Life participant: Grade 9 to 12
  • Church Acolyte: Grade 8 to 10
high school resume format
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Interests: Photography, reading, biking

Reference available open request

Note: This format is only one of the hundreds available online, there are still formats that you can review on the web to know more information about structuring and lay outing.

There you go good high school simple resume formats that you can use. It is your guide in writing especially when you are having difficulties getting started. The best way in writing the resume depends on you, you can place the personal information on center and other sections on left side. You can also place the personal details on right side and the others on left side. Whatever format you use in writing, it is important that you spend time what are the information you need to include.

Keep in mind that you should only write the details that the reader is looking for.