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How Effective Will Your Resume Marketing 2017 Be?

Your 2016 resume or CV for marketing is the only thing that has to help you get an interview for that new job. But just how good does it need to be to get you noticed and selected over the other applicants? Most recruiters do not spend hours poring over your resume to see if you meet their requirements, they will quickly review it and if they do not immediately see the skills, experience and qualifications they are looking for they will move on to the next application. So how you write your resume marketing 2017 or a resume flight attendant is very important.

How to Format and Write Your CV Marketing Manager

Your marketing manager CV should be written or modified specifically for each and every job that you apply to if you want to ensure that you have the very best chances of getting an interview for the job. The better that it matches what the recruiter is looking for, the better your chances of success. So using a generic resume marketing 2017 may be easier for you. But if you want to actually get a job ensure that you tailor your resume 2016 carefully every time you make an application.

The following are some important tips for you to follow when doing your resume marketing:resume marketingresume marketing

  • Never copy any resume that you see online or elsewhere
  • Do not blindly use any format or template that you are offered without considering how it will be received. Your format must be easy and quick to read and must draw attention directly to the information that the recruiter is looking for:
    • It should have minimal text formatting
    • No decoration of any form
    • Use a font that is clear and easily read
    • Should use consistent fonts and formatting throughout
    • Should use blank white space to draw attention
  • Ensure that the information that you include within your CV sample 2017 is relevant: Information that is not specifically expected or called by the recruiter will just hide information that they do want to see.
  • Avoid using buzzwords and clichés that actually tell the recruiter nothing unless they are backed up with clear examples.
  • Do not use personal information that is not immediately relevant to your application.
  • Responsibilities do not tell the recruiter anything about your performance and they are obvious from your job title so don’t clutter your resume with them.
  • Show your actual achievements whether you improved brand awareness, introduced new routes to market, or increased sales.
  • Quantify your achievements very clearly. Numbers can really get the recruiters attention so “increased sales of the latest line of XYZ by 75% in Europe through an extensive online marketing program” is going to make an impact unlike “responsible for raising sales in Europe.”
  • Check your resume very carefully, even the simplest of spelling mistakes if missed could sink your application.

Improve Your Resume with This Checklist

Marketing yourself is important when you’re looking for a job that is why there is a lot of emphasis placed on creating a resume that stands out. Without it or when it is written poorly, your chances of getting considered for the job will be reduced. If you are still in the process of writing your resume or would like to revamp it, here is a checklist that you can use as your guide.

Infographic Manager Resume
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  1. Determine the purpose of your resume. Why are you writing or revamping your resume? Are you aiming for a specific job or do you simply want to add more details about your career?
  2. Check your titles. Believe it or not, HR managers or employers won’t spend more than a minute perusing your resume unless of course you give them a reason to check out your resume thoroughly. One way to get this done is to use the right titles about yourself and your background so that your readers can easily see your qualifications.
  3. Use bullet points. Another trick to writing an effective resume is to use bullet points because this can aid your readers in finding the information they need about you without having to go through the entire resume.
  4. Highlight important information. When writing your resume, most of the content will be information about your skills, background, and the like. But with the amount of information that you put can confuse your reader. The best thing to do here is to highlight the most important things about you so that they will be the first one that will be seen in your resume.
  5. Explain how your skills will benefit the company. As a rule, you should show your readers why you are qualified for the job and not just simply tell them. This is why, when writing your skills, you should be able to connect your skills and how they can assist the company.
  6. Use statistics or numbers. It’s easy to say that you have helped your previous company double their production. But you know what’s better? Numbers. Instead of saying you have helped the business’ production grow in just a year you can say that the production rate grew up to 10% while you were the manager and such.
  7. Customize your resume. Generic resumes do spare you the trouble of having to write resumes for various companies but the problem with this is that you are not giving enough information to the company asking for potential employees. If you want to be one of those who are considered for the job, customize or tailor your resume to the company that you want to be part of.
  8. Sell yourself. Your resume is your marketing platform, so don’t be shy about highlighting your best attributes. After all, employers would want to know what you are capable of and whether you have the experience they are looking for.
  9. Check your format. There are many ways for you to format your resume. As a matter of fact, you can download templates online to use as guides. However, make sure that the template that you are using is suited for the job on hand.
  10. Be concise. When writing your resume, it is important that you be as clear and as concise as possible. A cluttered resume will leave your reader scratching their heads wondering what you have just written for them.

According to Kim Isaacs of www.monster.com:

“As a marketing professional, you know the importance of branding a product or company. By applying the same strategy, you can use you resume to build your own brand to differentiate yourself from competition…”

Simply put, by knowing your personal brand, you will be able to make your resume stand out from the crowd in no time.

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Our easy to follow tips for your resume marketing 2017 will help you to get that job by getting you noticed and invited for an interview.