2016-2017 Sample Resume for Medical Assistant

Can a 2016-2017 Sample Resume for Medical Assistant Help Your Application?

Not everyone is an expert writer of resumes; after all we do not need them that often, so have a little practice in writing them. A sample resume for medical assistant can provide you with a lot of ideas as to how to write your own resume as well as showing you the most effective way to format your resume. This is very important as competition for jobs is high and most recruiters are not going to spend more than just a few seconds reviewing your resume to see if you fit their requirements and should be invited for an interview.

How to Use a Sample Resume for Medical Assistant

An example resume for your medical assistant application is not something that can just be copied and used by you. Your resume template 2017 needs to be personal to you and should also be carefully tailored to the specific job that you are applying to. The more precisely your resume matches the job requirements, the more chances you have of being selected for an interview by the recruiter. Sample resumes are very good to show you how you should format and layout your resume to be the most effective. But you should always take care over which resume formats you decide to follow.

Resume For Medical Assistant sample resume for medical assistant sample resume for medical assistant

How Should You Format Resumes for Medical Assistant Applications?

A resume medical assistant needs to be able to clearly and quickly communicate the specific information that the reader is looking for within a very quick review. So a resume that is cluttered with a vast amount of irrelevant information or poorly laid out is not likely to accomplish that. A resume format should in reality be as simple and easy to follow as possible to make the recruiters job easy. Your medical assistant resume 2016 should be:

  • Written in a font that is easy to read (such as Arial in 12pt) and you should never use fancy scripts that are almost impossible for many people to read.
  • Your formatting should be minimal, often it is enough just to use bold on section headings to make it clear where they start.
  • Keep the paper looking clean by using wide margins and not using any form of distracting decoration such as dividers and borders that just distract the reader.
  • White space is highly effective at drawing the eye of the reader. The use of a blank line or even two prior to each section will draw their gaze. Placing the specific information that they want to see at the start of each section therefore will help ensure that they see what you want them to see.
  • Be consistent with your approach, use the same line spacing and formats throughout your resume.

So before you just blindly follow the 2016 format of a sample resume for medical assistant or a sample resume for administrative assistantlook at it carefully and ask yourself if it is capable of getting your skills and experience to the recruiter in just a few seconds.

Reasons to Customize Your Healthcare Resume

The demand for healthcare specialists is on the rise as is evidenced in the infographic below.

Healthcare Jobs and Resume 2016
Image credit: monster.com

For those who are considering applying as medical assistant, you need to start working on your resume so you will have more time to make adjustments to it. CV writing is tougher than it looks even when you have templates available because you need to ensure that the finished product will stand out among the crowd. Those who want to speed things up often opt for generic resumes so they can mass-post. Although this does get the job done with minimal effort on your part, your chances of getting noticed will be slim. After all, your resume isn’t really that remarkable to begin with. This is one of the reasons why those with customized resumes have better chances of finding suitable work for them as a medical assistant.

Medical Resume Checklist from the Experts

Your resume is about who you are as a medical assistant and as an individual. Basically, this is your marketing tool that you will use to prompt your readers to consider you for the job. If you are not sure on how to produce a professional CV for medical assistant, here are a few steps to take into consideration.

  1. Know the job offered. You should take your time to study the job posted so you will know what will be expected of you. Read related ads as well so you can get an idea on what responsibilities you will need to perform.
  2. Put your best foot forward. You need to market yourself to potential employers because you are the only one who can do it. This means that you need to put your best foot forward meaning highlight your best skills that you believe are necessary as a medical assistant.
  3. Learn proper placement of information. Format is everything when it comes to writing resumes because how you present information will affect how others perceive you as an applicant. In this example, the applicant placed her best skills at the start so that it will be the first thing that their readers will see.
  4. Show your career growth. It’s a good idea to show your career progression especially if you have been working as a medical assistant for some time now. Give a brief explanation of each work that you have done before.
  5. Work on your titles. Your CV should be broken down into sections for readability but don’t forget to add titles to them so your reader will determine what information they should look for.
  6. Customize your resume. It’s important that your resume is customized to the company that you are applying for.
  7. Integrate keywords. If you will be posting your resume online see to it that you add keywords to your paper. This makes it easier for search engines to find your resume when someone searches for specific keywords that are present in your CV. The keywords that you use should be related to your work as a medical assistant.
  8. Be concise in your writing. Since resumes are only about two pages long, you need to make sure that your resume is streamlined. There should be no room for useless information like hobbies and extracurricular activities unless you feel that they are related to the work that you are applying for.
  9. Review your work. As a rule, you shouldn’t submit your resume without double checking your content. Make sure that you proofread and edit your paper so that any errors that you may have committed will be corrected immediately.
  10. Ask for feedback. It pays to have someone go over your resume template 2017. A fresh pair of eyes will be able to spot inconsistencies, errors, and the like.

According to BestResumeGuru.com:

“The main purpose of a resume is to present a simple and brief summary of your pertinent skills, education, work experience and strengths that helps the hiring manager to make a wise decision in selecting interviewing candidates.”

Use the checklist to ensure that you have covered all your bases and that you have reviewed and revised your resume before submitting!

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