An Effective Skill-Based Resume 2017

What is a skill-based resume 2016 and how do you write it? There are many skilled and even overqualified job seekers for a particular job; however, they fail at presenting a strong resume that delivers an equally strong message that they are indeed the best applicant for the job. If you want to avoid the same mistake, learn how to make a customized skill-based application from the following tips.

Who Should Use Skill-Based Resume 2017?

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Decide if you are to use the skill-based application because they must be considered only under the following conditions.

  • If you are required by the industry or company applied to
  • If you have not much work experience to show off
  • If your educational background isn’t common for the position applied for
  • If you have frequent employment or career gaps or changes and you don’t want to show that to the reader
  • If you are shifting to another industry
  • If you have been terminated in at least one job

So if those fit your category, then you can make use of the skills based formal resume template that can highlight not your employment history but your skills that may help you in performing the job best. This can also help if you have been looking to jump from one industry to another. But just like in other types of resumes, there are things to know on what to include in a functional resume.

Tips for Skills Based Resume Template

  • Know your audience, the key step into writing your functional resume. Therefore, you will have to tailor this resume based on the job application or company so that you will have better chances of being invited for an interview.
  • Make use of a professional format. If you already have a resume, assess and review if it looks good and professional and update it if it does not. You should also find out if your skills based resume template is attractive enough to invite eyes into reading it.
  • Make sure that your name stands out, and to do it, you can bold typeface it as well as enlarge its font, larger than the rest of the components of your resume.
  • Parts of the resume includes your personal and contact information, job related skills and accomplishments, work history and other related skills if applicable.

These are some tips to know when writing a skill based resume that can help you stand out in your application.

Checklist to Use for an Impressive Resume 2017

This type of resume is actually handy when you have gaps in between work that you don’t want to be highlighted. If you think you need help building your resume, here are some useful links to consider.

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Aside from using resume builders to create your CV, here is a checklist that can help you get started n creating the best resume for potential employers.

  • Do your research. The problem with many applicants is that they don’t really pay much attention to the job ad which is one of the reasons why they fail to share relevant information. If you want your resume 2017 to really captivate your audience, you will need to study the company and the job being offered so you will be able to address their requirements in your CV.
  • Use the best format. How you format your resume plays a role on how well your paper will be received by recruiters. As much as possible, tailor the design of your CV according to the job and the company so it will be noticeable. This also helps bring the required information to your readers at first glance.
  • Create a resume summary. Instead of writing your objective statement, put more effort into your resume summary so that your readers can easily get an idea on your qualifications. This statement can be up to two sentences only so make everything count.
  • Highlight your skills. Your skills should be the main event in your resume  2017 so put them in a prominent place where your readers can easily find them. This way, even when they just give your resume a few seconds of their time, they will still be able to get valuable information about you that will help them decide whether to interview you or not.
  • Include social media in your CV. Most likely you have an online portfolio or website where you have uploaded all your works. If you have one, make sure that you include it in your resume because this can add to your recruiter’s decision whether to interview you or not. It would help too if you add your social media sites like LinkedIn because this will give recruiters additional information about you.
  • Be honest. When writing your resume, make sure that the content is true. Lying in your resume can backfire when the recruiter does fact checking so make sure that you are honest.
  • Share related experiences. Not all experiences occur in a classroom or office setting. Sometimes even the most unusual places can help shape you so why not share them in your CV? Your readers will be more interested in you if you give details.
  • Be concise. Don’t waste your reader’s time by adding useless statements. Keep in mind that recruiters will only spend 25 to 45 seconds per resume during the first screening so make sure that your readers get the details immediately.
  • Grab their attention. You need to impress your readers immediately so think of a catch headline that will make your readers pause to read your CV.
  • Review your work. Don’t send in your resume 2017 without proofreading it first. Chances are, there might be mistakes there that you didn’t notice.

According to Don Georgevich of Job Interview Tools:

“A functional resume is a perfect way to mask all the negative aspects about your work history and just show your employers all the good stuff about you, something that is much more difficult with a chronological resume.”

It is understandable that there are circumstances that have prevented you from having a steady job but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a job. As long as you know how to use a functional resume and have applied the guidelines mentioned above, it will be easier for you to capture the interest of recruiters right from the start.

Learn more ways in writing your functional resume today!