Best Formal Resume 2016-2017

Do you need a formal resume 2016-2017 format? Writing the resume 2016 is one of the most crucial aspects of any job application for the coming year, and for many applicants, it can mean so much for them to get the chance of an interview invitation. Check out the following for things to know when formatting a resume that wins a job.

Formal Resume Tips 2016-2017

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  • For a formal resume 2016-2017, make sure to use only a professional font style and size. For most job seekers, they stick with the conventional Times New Roman or Calibri because both are easy to read. You should also keep your resume font size between 9 and 12 and keep it from one to two pages only. If you go beyond this number of pages, your resume might not be effective.
  • The paper size to use is A4 and not colored or fancy stationery. This is a formal type of writing; therefore, present it in a formal manner using a white paper.
  • Keep one inch per side of your resume so that you can make sure it appears easy to read and it is printer-friendly. Speaking of printer-friendly, you can also create and save your resume into PDF file format if you’re sending and attaching it through email.
  • Tailor your formal resume per job application to ensure that it is not generic or mediocre. You should customize your paper depending on the requirements per job, and that is something you can find in the job advertisement itself. You don’t have to restate the job ad, but you have to meet those needs as posted to show that you are the best candidate for the job.

Formal Resume Format 2016-2017

Here is the main structure:

  • Main heading, which contains your complete name, permanent mailing address, email address and mobile or phone number
  • Work history
  • Educational background
  • Key skills
  • Key accomplishments
  • Honors, awards, licenses, trainings
  • Additional skills

By following and including all these things in your resume format, you can ensure that you are presenting a formal resume 2016-2017 that works and that appear professional and organized in the eyes of the employer. Also, if you are looking for engineering resume examples, here are some.

Use these tips for formal resume 2016-2017 today!