Best Resume Format for Nurses in 2016-2017

How Important Is the Resume Format for Nurses Applications

Most positions will see dozens of applicants so your 2016 application must be able to make you stand out from the crowd and to show the recruiter that you have everything that they are looking for. Not only that you have to be able to do it very quickly, indeed your resume 2016 will only be scanned for a few seconds by the recruiter. If the information they want to see is not immediately obvious, it is likely you find someone else is invited for an interview. Therefore, your resume format for nurses 2016-2017 applications is very important, as how you present your information will have a huge effect on what will be seen.

How to Select the Right Resume Format for Nurses 2016-2017

resume format for nursesresume format for nursesIf you look at different resume examples for nurses, you will probably see a wide range of different formats and styles of writing. So which one is the right for you? In most cases the answer is going to be the simplest as you want to ensure that the recruiter quickly sees the information without ever having to search for it. In fact, the information that you want them to see should literally jump from the page. The following are some tips to help with your resume format for nurses:

  • Your resume should be just 1 or 2 pages maximum
  • Use a 12pt font in an easy to read style
  • Use minimal formatting, only bold headings to draw attention
  • Do not use borders, dividers or other decoration
  • Maximize clear space, place before the start of sections to draw attention there

How to Write the Perfect Resume for Nurses

The best resumes are always those that are written specifically for a position rather than just put together as a one-size-fits-all generic resume that you will send to many jobs. By tailoring your resume to the position you can ensure that you provide the recruiter with the exact information they are looking for. The following are some helpful tips for writing your nursing resume:

  • Stay relevant, include only the information that they are looking for rather than cluttering the resume with info that they are not interested in.
  • Ensure that the most important skills, experience or qualifications are listed first in their relevant sections so that they are seen.
  • Provide clear examples of your accomplishments and quantify them rather than just listing out responsibilities.
  • Proofread your resume very carefully as even a single spelling mistake could tell the recruiter that you did not spend as long as you should have on your application.

What’s more, some of the above mentioned tips can be used in your resume for civil engineer, so feel free to follow them.

Resume Checklist for Nursing Professionals

Before you start writing your resume for nurse, you need to ask yourself whether you are prepared for the work that will be relegated to you. Just to give you an idea on how a day in the life of nurse works, check the infographic below:

Nursing Resume and Career Stats
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You can already imagine why there is a need for nurses as hospitals and clinics are trying their best to meet all the health care needs. If you are determined to pursue this course, you will need to show potential employers that you have what it takes to get the job done. This is why you need to put a lot of effort into creating your CV so that it will stand out from the crowd.

If you’re thinking that you don’t really need to work hard on your resume because nurses are in demand, think again. Medical institutions are looking for the best individuals to work for them because quality is everything when it comes to the medical profession. According to

“A winning resume will get you noticed for the best positions and can facilitate a promotion from your current position. A strong resume can also help you command and negotiate a higher salary. Always put your best foot forward on your resume to attract the most desirable job offers.”

With this being said, here are a few tips that can help you achieve a compelling resume for your readers.

  1. Create a qualifications summary. When writing your resume, make it a point to avoid wasting your reader’s time because they will only spare your resume a few seconds only unless you convince to pay attention to the finer details about your paper. So instead of letting them figure out what your qualifications are, create a summary for them placed in a prominent position in your resume.
  2. List your areas of expertise. Another trick to creating a winning CV example 2017 is to highlight your areas of expertise. You can do this in list form so that it will be easier understood by your readers. Keep in mind that employers will be looking for the most qualified to hire.
  3. Write your experiences in detail. Don’t hesitate to give details about your experiences because your readers would like to know what your qualifications are in detail and not just in list form. Show your readers what you are capable of by giving details.
  4. Keep it short. Although you have plenty of information to share with your readers, the best thing to do is to keep your CV short but informative as much as possible because you don’t want to bore your readers. By delivering a short but concise your resume, you are increasing your chances of getting interviewed for the job.
  5. Show off your performance. Another tip to creating the best resume is to provide your readers with evidence that you have done a good job in your previous work. Add specifics such as numbers to convince potential employers that you are qualified.
  6. Choose appropriate format. You should look for a format that will be applicable to the job that you are applying for as a nurse. This way, it will make it easier for you to create a professional looking paper as well.
  7. Get rid of clutter. Adding designs to your CV example 2017 is all well and good especially when you’re trying to stand out but this can also backfire especially when you peppered your resume with useless designs. As much as possible, keep your application simple as this will be better received compared to before.
  8. Get straight to the point. Your resume shouldn’t contain any useless or irrelevant information in it because you are aiming to impress your readers. Get straight to the point instead to get your point across immediately.
  9. Customize your resume. If you are planning on sending several resumes to various medical institutions, make sure that you customize your resumes accordingly. This will help in increasing your chances of getting noticed among the crowd who most likely sent generic resumes.
  10. Edit your CV. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your work because this will help you find any errors that you may have committed in the first draft of your paper.

Follow our advice for your resume format for nurses 2016-2017 applications and resume writing and you can be sure that you will submit a winning resume that is going to get you noticed and invited for an interview!