Best Resume Template 2018

Will Using the Best 2018 Resume Templates Help You?

If you are looking for resume templates for 2018 job applications then you are going to want to ensure that you select ones that are going to get you quickly noticed. The aim of your resume is to get you an interview by getting you noticed by the recruiter. With the recruiter potentially only spending a few seconds skimming through your resume this can be a very tough job. The best resume templates 2018 need to be able to make the information that the recruiter is looking for to stand out. If the resume samples 2018 cannot do this then they are unlikely to help your application.

Selecting the Right 2018 Resume Templates for You

2016 resume templatesYou should never just blindly accept someone’s recommendation for the right 2018 resume templates for you to use. You need to look at what they are suggesting and decide whether it is actually going to get you noticed effectively. Just because 2018 resume examples look pretty and different does not mean that the recruiter is going to like them or that it will be good at communicating the information that they are looking for. Often the simplest of templates can be the most effective. After all a traditional and easy to follow template would have the information exactly where the recruiter would expect to look. So if you are going to choose a 2018 resume template then choose one that:

  • Is not cluttered: there should be clear margins all the way around and there should be clear space before each section of the resume so that the reader knows where to look.
  • Uses a readable font: the font should be easy to understand and of 12pt size to make it easiest to read. Fonts should be consistent throughout your resume.
  • Should avoid the use of fonts that are fancy or difficult to read even for titles or section headings.
  • Must not use large amounts of formatting, typically only the headings of each section need to bolded so that the reader knows where to look. Large amounts of bolding, highlighting and italics will distract the reader and have the opposite effect to that you are looking for.
  • There should be no decorations or graphic effects on the page, this is not an application for an art class.
  • Objectives or purpose statements are best avoided, often your objectives will not relate to the requirements of the recruiter who just wants someone that meets the job requirements.
  • Does not have sections for irrelevant information that is not required for your application, often hobbies and personal information just tend to clutter your resume rather than add value.

Best Resume Template 2018 Tricks

A good resume is one that is built in a professional manner with a content catering to the needs of the company rather than what you need. It’s about proving to potential employers that you have what it takes to do the work that they require because you have the skills and experiences needed for the job. This means that if you want to produce a powerful resume, you need to focus on a few things first such as:

Resume Template 2016 Tricks
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Although there is nothing wrong with using a resume template, chances are, your resume will look the same as with other applicants. This is the downside to using templates because most applicants will be using them already. How then will you be able to make your resume capture the interest of your readers?

  1. Look for other sources of templates. Most people build their resume using Microsoft Word and the templates available but did you know that there are other templates out there that you can choose from? Check them out to find a suitable template to use based on the job that you are after.
  2. You don’t have to follow everything. Just because you are using a template it doesn’t mean that you should be bound to its limitations. As a matter of fact, you can get one element here and one element from another template and combine them to create a unique piece that will make your resume the talk of the company.
  3. Take advantage of resume builders. Job boards are being utilized nowadays when it comes to building resumes so why not use them too especially when you’re trying to increase your chances of getting noticed from the crowd. Although this will require more time and effort on your part, you will still be able to draft a better looking resume through these sites.
  4. Create your own. If you are not impressed with the templates available, you can always create your own. By reviewing samples online, it will be easier for you to find the right outline to use for your resume without copying any template at all.
  5. Customize. When writing your resume, the best thing that you can do is to customize your paper to suit the needs of potential employers. Keep in mind that in order for them to notice you, you will have to create a resume that is geared towards answering their requirements in an employee.
  6. Focus on your strengths. Aside from using a template, it is also important that you put emphasis on the right information which, in this case, is your strength. Tell your readers why they should hire by highlighting your strengths.
  7. Add details. Another thing that you need to keep in mind when writing your resume is to add details as much as possible. You may think that listing your skills and experiences is enough to grab the attention of your readers but you need to keep in mind that details can show them how those skills have helped previous companies.
  8. Keep your resume short. It is much better to keep your resume short but to the point if you want to grab the interest of your readers. After all, a long and winding resume won’t leave any positive impressions at all especially when it is full of fluff.
  9. Review your work. Make sure that you review your work as soon as you are done with it so that you will be able to spot any errors that you have committed in your resume.
  10. Be confident. Don’t forget to show your confidence in your resume because your readers can easily pick up how sure you are of your skills based on your writing style.

According to Lindsay Olsen of U.S News and World Report:

“Most people will tell you not to use a resume template, but the fact is that most people do. It’s a quick and easy way to create a resume, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: content.”

So if you want to ensure that the 2018 resume templates that you select to use are actually going to get you noticed and seen as being able to perform the role you are applying for follow our guidance above.