Big Resume Update 2018: Your Checklist

Applying for a job in 2018? Before writing your resume 2018, you may want to check out this post that tells you about the latest updates that you may want to include in your application.
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When Do You Need to Update Your Resume 2018?

  • After promotion
  • If your resume is over six weeks old
  • After undertaking an extra activity, including writing publications, seminars and others
  • When your current job is in trouble
  • If you don’t have a resume

How Often Should You Update Your Resume?

  • 19% said that when it has been more than two years
  • 25% said maybe once a year
  • 7% said once a month
  • 28% revealed every time they achieve a new goal

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Did You Know That…?

  • Employees at large companies are more likely to update their resume
  • The older the person is, the less often he updates his resume
  • Professionals in the sales and consulting roles are most diligent at updating their resume; while finance and IT professionals were least proactive when it comes to making resume updates

Why Update a Resume 2018

There are many reasons to update a resume. For one, what worked yesterday may not work today. You should know that the job application trends always keep on changing, and there are new trends being introduced from time to time. In this case, it will be wise that you make your resume more attractive and impressive based on the latest updates of the times. It should not be outdated; otherwise, you may not become successful in job application.

Also, remember that even employers are changing. In fact, they now use applicant tracking systems, social media and other venues when recruiting and screening applicants. So if you want to keep up with the latest, your resume must always be updated and tailored from one application to another. It must be created based on the requirements stated in the job advertisement.

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