How Creative Resume Design Can Help to Get a Job in 2017

Purpose of Your Resume

Your resume is a document that lists your qualifications and skills for a position you are applying for. Ultimately its main purpose is to get you an interview with the company you are applying to and it one of the best tools you have for accomplishing that goal. Sometimes a creatively designed resume can make your CV more effective and improve your chances of landing the job you want.

Reasons for Using a Creative Resume Design

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A resume with a creative design has the same purpose of any other resume. That is to get you an interview for the position you are applying for. One way it can do this is to help you stand out from the crowd. A prospective employer may receive hundreds of resumes. After awhile they can all look the same. Getting a little creative can make your resume stand out and get the reader’s attention. They are also more likely to remember your resume if it doesn’t look just like the other two hundred they just scanned. In certain fields such as graphic design a creative resume provides you with an opportunity to display your skills. However resumes that are creative aren’t appropriate for every position. It will depend on the field you are in and the company you are applying to.

What to Include in a Creative Resume

Even though you may have decided on a creative resume it still has the same purpose as a traditional one and the information you include will be essentially the same. You should include relevant skills, work experience, educational background and major accomplishments in the field. Of course your name and contact information is also required. Also, check out popular resume formats 2016.

Useful Resume Design Tips

Here are some tips  and resume writing rules that may prove helpful when designing your resume:

  • Consider the industry: While fields such as advertising and graphic design may appreciate a creatively designed resume other areas such as banking or accounting may not.
  • Start with a traditional resume: When designing a creative resume it is a good idea to start with one in a basic traditional format that has all the necessary information.
  • Be creatively subtle: Being creative doesn’t mean you have to get wild and crazy. Playing with things such as the resume header design may not seem like much but can still make your resume stand out. In a sea of black and white resumes a subtle change in header color will get noticed.
  • Be unique: If you are going to use a very creative design for your resume then it should be unique. Extremely creative designs typically aren’t as easy to read as traditional resumes. This can be okay if you are in the right field but not if you just copy another’s idea

The right creative resume will attract the attention you want. However a poorly designed creative resume will quickly find its way to the reject stack.

Creative resume design applying is your decision, make in right!