Current Resume Formats 2018

How do current resume 2018 formats look like? If you are looking for ways on how to improve your job chances, it is not only your skills that you upgrade but also your resume, the main weapon to use for increased chances of success. But in case you don’t know how a professional format of resume looks like, here are some for you. See the following pointers and improve your resume now.

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Resume Formats 2018

current resume formats
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Here is a list of conventional formats 20:

  • Chronological resume deals with your work background, meaning it highlights more of your employment history; all jobs should be related to the industry and they should be listed in the reverse chronological format.
  • Functional or skill based resume is more about your job related skills if you don’t want to draw the employer’s eyes on your work background. This suits those who are changing careers or those that don’t have continuous work history.
  • Combined resume is for those who want to give focus on both their employment or record of accomplishments and their industry related skills for the job. You can make use of this if you have both good work experience and job skills to show off.
  • Professional resume is one of the current resume trends to remember. This focuses on the specific job application. This has something to do with the industry where you belong.

Current Resume Trends

These include video resumes, infographic and social media resume. You may want to choose them if you want to, but make sure doing so will help you in increasing your chances for an interview. For instance, you may choose the infographic for current resume trends if you are in the creative fields, such as web development, social media management and so on, because such resume type is focused on highlighting your achievements, which may be in the form of a graph or a table. Also, if you are looking for the answer on the question how does a resume look like, here are some.

There you have the most recent formats known for resumes in 2018. You can choose among any of these depending on your skills, experience and industry. Nevertheless, pick what can help you show off your real value.

Develop Your Resume 2018 with This Checklist

There are several ways in which you can showcase your strengths and experiences in your resume but it all boils down on whether the template that you are using is appropriate for the job that you are applying for. If you want to increase your chances of getting noticed by your recruiters, you need to employ a few tricks when writing your resume.

How to Make Recruiters Love Your Resume
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“With hiring managers or other staffing professionals spending so little time on your resume in the first pass, it is very important to make sure your resume makes the best impression possible.”

This is one of the reasons why finding the best format for your resume is important because how you layout the content of your resume can make or break your chances of getting noticed among the rest of the applicants. How then will you make your resume pique the interest of your readers?

  • Study the job ad. For job seekers, it is important that you study the job that you are interested in to determine what qualifications are being asked for including the scope of the work. You should also do research on what other responsibilities will be assigned to this position so you can address them in your resume.
  • Tailor your resume. Another trick to making your resume beat the other applicants is by customizing it based on the job being offered. This is important because how you present your resume can affect the recruiter’s decision as to whether you are worth looking into or if you are better off in the discarded pile.
  • Talk about your skills. What is it about you that should make your readers consider you for the job? Any skills that you think are relevant to the job post being offered should be included in your resume so that recruiters will be able to pick up what you can provide their business with.
  • Share details about your experiences. If you want your resume to stand out, you need to share pertinent details about your experiences that are relevant to the job. Your readers want you to pain them a picture of your abilities rather than tell them what you’ve accomplished so far.
  • Include certifications. For those who have received certifications on a particular skill, don’t hesitate to include them in your resume because this will give recruiters an idea on what steps you are taking to improve yourself.
  • Don’t lie. Your resume should contain facts only otherwise your bid to getting interviewed will be denied especially when recruiters determine that you didn’t do any of those things.
  • Keep your resume short. When writing your resume, make sure that you keep it as short as possible. Resumes that go beyond four pages will already be too tedious to read for recruiters.
  • Check for errors. It’s important that you go over your resume as soon as you are finished with it to determine whether there are any errors that you have missed. This is important because you don’t want to submit a resume that is filled with mistakes even something as simple as missing punctuation.
  • Get rid of fluff. Your resume should contain nothing but the facts. Anything that is not relevant to the job should be removed so you will have plenty of space to write about the more important details about you.
  • Ask for feedback. Make it a point to ask someone to review your resume and ask for their feedback. Getting insight from others can help you improve your resume so that you will have a much better chance of getting noticed among the applicants.

It’s not impossible for you to create a resume that stands out as long as you apply these guidelines when building your resume. As much as possible, stick with the facts in your resume so that your readers will be able to get all the details they will need to decide whether you are qualified for the job or not.

Use the best among current resume trends today!