Easy Entry Level Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2017

You have just landed into the right post discussing how a good entry level administrative assistant cover letter sample 2017 is written to help you land a job in the admin assistance industry. See the following tips and entry level resume samples for the best ways on how to write a cover letter for an admin assistant that will highlight your skills and expertise.

Features of Great Sample CV 2017

  • Highlights an applicant’s knowledge, skills and abilities in the admin assistance field
  • Should be well presented to sell one’s strengths and suitability for the position
  • Should not restate what’s already in your high school student resume
  • May include volunteerism activities and other related activities to admin assistance

Cover Letter for Entry Level Administrative Assistant No Experience

entry level resume no experience
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  • Introduction: Address the cover letter to the person who is going to read it. Do your research and find the name of that someone. You should be specific to whom to address your cover letter so that it lands on the right desk or email address. Remember that the hiring manager is particular with the letter that is directed to them. Avoid salutations like ‘To Whom It May Concern.”
  • First paragraph: This section must include your summary or best assets for the position being offered. You can skip the old opening ‘I’m writing to apply to…” instead, use this part to tell them that you are applying to solve the problem, with opening such as “Having been an experienced copywriter for three years….” Show them how you can fill in the position and how you are the right person for the job.
  • Second paragraph: Back up the things that you have mentioned in the first paragraph. This is the part where to put some evidence to back up your claims in the preceding paragraph. You may use some bullet points to highlight some samples to prove and tie specific skills or accomplishments, which are specific to the job.
  • Third paragraph: Highlight the background of the company to show that you have done your homework and that you understand the goals of the company. You can mention some things you learned about them and things that made them successful.
  • Last paragraph: You need to close quickly by summarizing what you can offer to the company and why your skills are what can benefit the company. You should also close with an intention that you are requesting a follow up at their convenient time.

Remember that your cover letter will be read and reviewed by a human resource manager or by the employer. Thus, you need to make a good impression and ensure that your cover letter can be representing you for the job you are applying. Keep your cover letter succinct and concise of only up to five paragraphs.

Also, make sure that you do well in the entry level administrative assistant resume with no experience so that both of these documents can work in harmony to prove you are the right candidate for the job. So,  start writing you cover letter now, use the best tips, advice and tricks to grab attention of an employer.

Write your cover letter based on the entry level administrative assistant cover letter sample 2017 today!