Entry Level Electrical Engineering Resume Tips and Tricks 2017

Writing an entry level electrical engineering resume 2017 won’t be enough if you don’t tailor and optimize it after seeing high school resume template for the job application, specifically to the company. If you’re writing a generic application to send across all the companies that you intend to apply to, you may not succeed. But if you’re writing specifically to the company, you will be able to highlight your most relevant and essential characteristics, expertise and skills for the job opening.

Features of CV for Electrical Engineer Fresher

  • Should highlight accomplishments and skills to meet an employer’s needs and qualification requirements
  • Well designed and visually appealing, while being free from grammar errors
  • Presents the most relevant/important information at the top fold

Writing Electrical Engineering Resume Sample for Freshers

cv for electrical engineer fresher resume 2017
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  • Start with your contact information, with your name using bold type and capitalized. The font size must be larger than the all the other texts in the paper. State your street address with zip code. Include an updated phone number and email address.
  • Write your objective: The objective section must be clearly describing the position and your suitability for it; it must also inform the reader of your targeted interest and career goals. However, an objective may only be useful if you are specifying interest and the area where that would fit in the needs of the company, meaning it must be not be ambiguous. Avoid the objective if that is meaningless and reflects indecision.
  • Write your summary or qualifications: It must be a condensed background of your accomplishments, giving the employer a quick but clear look into your qualifications, without him having to dig deeper into the text. The summary section must contain up to six bulleted lists or up to three sentences to highlight your qualifications or accomplishments that fit the job. If you don’t have substantial relevant experience, you may want to skip the section.
  • Include your education background: It is the most important section for fresh graduates. It has to contain your academic background, schools attended, date of graduation, school name and location and grades earned. Write each entry in the reverse chronological format, highlighting the most recent first. You may also include thesis or coursework and describe each.
  • Write related work experiences: Even if it is part time or full time volunteer or unpaid work, you can write it down, provided you include the position held, company name and date of employment.
  • Include relevant skills: You may also write time management, computer skills and leadership skills, along with other transferable skills that will highlight your value and knowledge. Also, you may include foreign languages spoken, as it may also give you an edge over other applicants.

Writing the Entry Level Electrical Engineer Resume

Above are the most important sections, as well as the ways on how to write the components of each of them. See to it that you spend enough effort and time in writing and editing your paper. Take some time to proofread and check for spelling and typos. This is pretty obvious and mandatory for everyone no matter what kind of resume they write whether it’s electrical engineer or entry level medical assistant resume. Remember, many employers now use an ATS or applicant tracking software. Do not make it skip your resume just because important keywords, for instance, are misspelled. Use the best sample and find the most useful tips!

Write a strong entry level electrical engineering resume 2017 today!