Entry Level Medical Assistant Resume Secrets 2017

Do you want to work as a medical assistant now that you have finished a medical assistance program and you also have your license/certification with you? Your application will begin with an entry level medical assistant resume 2017.

Features of an Entry Level Medical Assistant Resume 2017

  • To the point and tailored to the company or organization
  • Highlights the familiarity and expertise of the applicant in the field
  • Meets the qualification requirements and needs of the employer
  • Is short and concise, containing the most relevant information in the beginning

How to Write Medical Assistant Entry Level Resume

entry level medical assistant resume sample
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  • Name, address, mobile or phone number and email address: This is the topmost section of your resume. It contains the most updated contact details, especially your mobile phone number where the hiring manager or employer will contact you in case you’re shortlisted for the interview. Your name must be in a larger font size than all the texts in your resume.
  • Career summary (Optional): Highlight how you are the right fit for the job opening by showing your solid understanding of the industry, its lingo and its policies, among others. Write impressive accomplishments and experiences that will give the prospective employer a quick glance on the things you can offer for their company. You can make use of an entry level medical assistant resume 2017 template for an idea on how to write this section. In most cases, this section is composed of up to three lines of text, or six bulleted lists. Use action verbs when bulleting your career summary to show your familiarity of the job.
  • Write patient care knowledge, including taking vitals and blood pressure, describing prescriptions and preparing equipment and room.
  • Include clerical skills. In your resume, you should highlight your knowledge on admin duties because medical professionals also have to perform tasks, including file organization, documentation and collection of patient information, maintenance of medical records and so on. You may have an advantage over the rest of the applicants if you are efficient and reliable for office duties, too. But don’t write too much about this: this isn’t entry level IT resume.
  • Write about your education and certification. In this section, write your academic background, including schools attended, dates of attendance and degrees earned. If you have a desirable GPA, you may also include it. In this part of your resume, you should also write your certifications. Include the name of the institution, date and certification earned.
  • Include work experience in the reverse chronological order. Under each entry, write your main accomplishments and not just list responsibilities or duties. The hiring manager or prospective employer already knows what the duties of a medical assistant is, so you don’t need to restate and waste important space.
  • Write skills. Include even transferrable skills, such as computer skills, translation skills and others in this section.

Use a Good Entry Level Medical Assistant Resume Sample 2017

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Write your entry level medical assistant resume today!