Excellent Resume 2016-2017

Learning the ways on how to write an excellent resume 2016-2017 will give you an advantage for your application because it can be noticed by the employers, especially that you will be able to highlight your best assets and qualifications needed for the job. In today’s post, you will learn a couple of tips, which are going to help you in coming up with a very much noticeable resume.

Top Resume Formats

excellent resume
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  • Chronological: This is one of the top resume formats that lists your work history in a chronological manner, emphasizing your abilities, knowledge and skills that will show your qualifications for the job.
  • Functional: This is a proper resume for those with the required job expertise or skills. You can also make use of this format if you don’t have a solid work history or continuous employment. It can also be for you if you are shifting careers, or changing from one industry to another.
  • Hybrid or combined: This is the best format for resume if you want to display both your work history and your job related skills. This can be used for a unique and impressive resume that will highlight your best qualifications to take on the job. You can list down your work history first followed by your job related skills. It is one of the most used resume formats of today.
  • Professional: This is a proper resume for those who want to customize their job application with tailored resume per industry. What you can do if you want to make use of it is to read and understand the job posting and research about the company to customize your application based on the job ad and the company.

Tips for the Best Resume Format

Use these advice for great CV template 2017 creating.

  1. Choose your format depending on the aspect of application to highlight. Select chronological if you have a solid work background or a functional if you are changing careers. Use hybrid if you want to highlight both aspects.
  2. Use a basic font, Times New Roman, Verdana or Calibri. Choose size between 9 and 12.
  3. Use bullets when needed for easy scanning.
  4. Focus on your accomplishments and not on the job duties.
  5. Proofread.

There you have the top resume formats and tips to remember when writing your application or even resume for teaching.

Finally, learn more tips for an excellent application today!