Find out How to Use Correct High School Resume Layout 2017

If you want to know how to have a correct high school resume layout 2017, you need to search for a high school student resume template online. With it, it presents you about the layout and structure that you can follow in writing your own high school internship resume.

High School Student Resume Layout

You Burns

Newstart Avenue


Career objective


Key skills

Employment history




Note: This is one of the simplest CV layouts that you can follow. Make sure that you follow the arrangement of sections.

Common Mistakes to Omit in Resume

high school resume layout 2017
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Aside from knowing resume layout for high school students, knowing the common mistakes you need to omit is important. If you want to ensure that you will be selected, you need to do your best.

  • Grammatical mistakes and typos: The easiest way in combating errors is to ask the help of other to review or read your CV template 2017. Other people can spot grammar and spelling issues.
  • Ignoring keywords: Some of the resumes are reviewed automatically that is why you need to use keywords. Keywords are found in job description and you need to ensure that you use it.
  • Being too wordy: Cut words that are not important in your application. You need to have at least one or two page of resume. The best way not to have a long CV template 2017 is to check your resume and cut those information that are not important.
  • Being vague: You need to put real quantitative tasks as well as accomplishments. You also need to be specific all the time in listing your accomplishments. Avoid buzzwords or vagueness for your resume to be more appealing.

These are mistakes that you need to avoid in writing your resume. The resume layout above will also help you to have a guide. If you do not know how to write a good CV because you do not have any ideas, this page helps you that are why you need to understand it completely. The time you know how to use the layout correctly, you will not struggle and it will be easy for you to get started writing your resume.

Use these tips and create your perfect high school resume layout 2017!