Free Resume Template for Word 2017

A free resume 2016 template for word is helpful when applying for a job because such contains a readily available format for the content you need to fill your resume up. It also contains needed headings and subheadings to ensure your application contains good organization of data. However, still, there are some tips to remember when downloading and then writing your resume from free resume template for Word 2017.

Formats for Resume Template for Word 2017 Free

free resume template for word
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  • Professional resume template: This is the format used per specific industry in order to make use related skill, keywords and buzzwords to show off someone’s knowledge and skills in the job being applied to. When using such, ensure you pick the one meant for a professional like you, so choose the ‘teacher resume’ if you are a teacher and so on. Download it here
  • Chronological format: You can make use of this resume template word free if you have a solid working experience, without gaps in employment. You can also use this if you have been working in the same industry for years. Download it here
  • Functional resume: This resume examples word is to be used if you are changing from one industry to the next, so your work history isn’t the focus here. You can also use this is you are a newbie without much work experience to show. Download it here
  • Combination format: This resume examples word is to be used by people who want to give focus on both their skills and employment record. This may be for you if you have both solid job experience and you have the skills, too. Download it here

Tips for Resume Formats in Word

No matter how good you are or how outstanding the format downloaded online is, you still have to ensure that you are including all the most important details about you, including:

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Academic background
  • Work background
  • Key accomplishments
  • Honors, awards, training, licenses…
  • Related job skills
  • Other major skills

Using the right resume formats in word can help you gain the chance of increasing your exposure for the job by having a noticeable resume that captures the attention of its reader. Also, if you are looking for resume template word download, here are some.

ATS Resume
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Checklist for a Better Resume 2016

Finding the right template to use for your CV is all well and good but there are other aspects that you need to take into consideration when it comes to building an outstanding paper that will convince recruiters that you are the perfect candidate for the job. The contents of your resume should be built based on the needs of the company so that when they process your application through an application tracker, you will be qualified for an interview.

For those who want to make their resume template for Word 2017 better than before, here are a few pointers that you need to consider.

  • Tell your story. According to Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Careerealism:

“Use short, tweet-sized sentences to communicate key accomplishments, your branding statements, facts you don’t want your employer to miss.”

This means that you need to identify what information is worth sharing in your resume that will be appropriate for the job being offered.

  • Keep it short. HR managers don’t have enough time to spend on reading the contents of resumes being sent to them hence they simply skim. If you want to increase your chances of getting spotted, you need to write your CV in brief. This way, all the information that they will be looking for will pop out from your resume so that your reader can determine whether you are qualified for the job or not.
  • Quantify your accomplishments. It’s easy to say that you were the one responsible for increasing the sales numbers of the previous company but without numbers or statistics, it is hard to convince your readers that you actually do all those things. This is why you need to add graphs or numbers to give your readers the right idea about your skills.
  • Insert keywords. Did you know that using keywords or buzzwords in your resume can actually help increase your chances of getting noticed? This is especially true when you’re employers are using the internet to look for candidates for their job openings. By using relevant keywords in your resume, it will be easier for you to be found by the right people.
  • Customize your CV. When writing your resume, make sure that you customize it according to the job and company to ensure that you will capture their interest right from the start. This means that you need to review the requirements of the job add thoroughly so that you will be able to choose what information to include in your resume.
  • Show your experiences. Writing about your experiences in detail can also give your readers a much better impression of what you have accomplished so far. Make sure that you write relevant details only so you can maximize the content of your resume.
  • Use headlines. What better way to capture the interest of your readers than writing a headline? The first few seconds of reviewing your resume is important because this will prompt your readers to decide whether you are worth considering or not hence your headline should be catchy and relevant.
  • Guide your readers. You are in the best position to guide your readers on which information you want to share with them so make sure that the outline or format of your resume is appropriate for the job offer.
  • Ask for help. If you want your CV sample 2017  to stand out, you should consider asking a family or friend to review your resume for you. They can provide you with a fresh perspective on whether your resume has answered all the points required by the company or not.
  • Edit accordingly. Never submit a resume that hasn’t been proofread and revised because you are expected to deliver the best paper there is. Without reviewing your work, you are reducing your chances of getting noticed among the crowd because your paper may be riddled with errors.

Ensure that you remember these pointers to do a great job in your application today!