High School Resume Format 2018

You might be asking, “What is high school cv resume format?” You are a student but you want to apply for a job to sustain your education, increase your skills or add something to your portfolio. However, you are unaware of things to include in your high school resume to make it work. For that matter, check out the next section and learn from these tips.

High School Resume Example Tips 2018

high school resume format
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  • Write the first section with your personal and contact details so that they can be easily seen by the employer. For your name, have it in a larger font size as compared with the rest to give emphasize on this part. For the contact information, write your complete mailing address, fax number, phone number and email address.
  • Write an objective section highlighting your future plans or career goals. You may also mention any plans for education in the future.
  • Following, write the work experience or employment history. This will include all your most significant but related work experience. But if you don’t have much to write in this section, make sure that you have your coursework and your volunteer experiences written. Write only those that relate to this particular job and not everything to save on space.
  • Include your awards, honors or scholarships received to highlight your academic excellence. You can use this section to impress the employer further that you are indeed a reliable applicant.
  • As you can see in a high school resume sample 2018, you can also include your references for this job. You can also include some of your mentors and those people who can speak about you. On this portion, write their names, position, company name and contact number. These are important in case the employer wants to verify about you.

There you have the tips for the best high school resume format 2018 to use when writing an impressive high school CV. While you may not have many employment experiences, you can still make an effective resume 2018 by focusing on your skills, on your academic background and on your volunteer experiences.

Checklist for the Best High School Resume

Most likely that you have no experience as of yet but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to impress your readers.

High School Resume 2016
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If you want to make a good impression with your readers, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Understand the job. The first thing to do when looking for work is to understand what the job is all about. This way, you will have an easier time determining what requirements will be asked of you and what the scope of work will be. Having these information can help you create a much better resume to submit to potential employers.
  • Keep your resume clean. When writing your resume, make sure that you keep the design of your paper clean. There shouldn’t be any clutter that will impede your reader’s view of the content of your paper.
  • Write your skills. Even though your skills may not be enough for the job, you can still make a good impression with your readers by focusing on skills that you do have that you think are relevant to the job that you are after.
  • Share relevant experiences. Any experiences that are related to the job that you are interested in should be included in your resume. Give details as much as possible to convince your readers that you can get the job done.
  • Add cover letter. You might want to add a cover letter to your resume so that you can share more details to the recruiter. Use words that highlight what you have accomplished so far so that you can convey a more interesting resume to your readers.
  • Include your goals. When writing your resume, share your goals to your readers so they will gain insight on what you are trying to achieve in your resume.
  • Choose the right format. There are three types of format that you can use when it comes to writing resumes and these are chronological, functional, and hybrid. Each one of these resumes has its own characteristics that you should take into consideration when writing your resume. Finding the appropriate style will benefit your resume because it will help put the correct information where they are needed the most.
  • Review your work. It’s important that you proofread your high school resume to ensure that there are no errors. Check for spelling errors, grammar errors, and the like because your readers are expecting a professional looking resume even when you are just a high school student seeking part time work.
  • Get help. There is nothing wrong with enlisting the help of a friend, teacher, or family when it comes to building your resume because they will be able to give you helpful insights on the quality of your resume.
  • Share extracurricular activities. Another element that you can add in your high school resume is your activities. What kind of sports you play or activities that you are often doing? Try to integrate these details into your resume to give your readers an idea on what you do outside the classroom.

According to Fred Pinnegar, Resume Coach and Professional Writer at Write Express:

“A teenager applying for a job will generally not have very much experience or schooling to list on a resume, but you can still use effective strategies to make yourself look appealing to a potential employer. If you are replying to an advertisement or job posting, its content and language will provide information about what to include in a resume.”

These are just a few tips on how you can make your resume impress the right people. With these guidelines, you can easily map a resume that has all the relevant details that recruiters are looking for so that you will be able to reach the right people in no time. Just follow the guidelines and you’ll soon find the best job for you.

Finally, proofread and edit your paper a couple of times to ensure it contains no grammar and spelling errors.