Horrible Entry Level Resume

You might be looking at entry level resume samples 2017 so that you can avoid the blunders or mistakes that other applicants are doing on their resumes. In this post, you will learn of the top mistakes that you should avoid when writing your resume. As you may know, prevention of mistakes is very important for your high school graduate resume so that you can gain an advantage over other applicants applying for the same position.

Top Mistakes to Avoid in Entry Level Resumes 2017

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  • Grammatical errors and typos: Do not send your resume unless you proofread it properly and made sure that it contains no grammar and spelling errors. Even the slightest mistakes can ruin your chances for a job, so do not let it happen to you if you want your resume to work for you. Show that you care and that you are responsible enough to ensure that your CV or resume is free from mistakes.
  • Lacking specific details: You should back up your claims with evidence. Make use of numbers and figures to highlight your accomplishments in the field. So if you increased the sales of your company, see to it that you back it up with information. Make the company understands your accomplishment and do not leave them hanging and guessing.
  • Using only one resume for all job applications: This is probably one of the worst mistakes that applicants do. If you want to make your application count, see to it that you are customizing your paper per job application or per company. You should see to it that every resume is created based on the job advertisement. Thus, read and understand the requirements of the company and work from there so that you can also include important key words that the hiring manager used in the posting.
  • Highlighting duties in the entry level resume no experience: The hiring manager already knows the duties of someone in your position, so you don’t need to waste important space repeating the same stuff. Instead, write something unique. Write your accomplishments instead of your duties. Readers do not care much about what you did but they are more interested in what you have accomplished.
  • Writing a bad objective: Avoid vague pufferies but give them something specific and something that focuses on how you can meet their and your needs by working with and for them. Work along the lines on the value proposition that you can offer to the table if you would be hired.
  • Lacking action verbs: Do not use phrases, such as ‘responsible for,’ but make use of verbs, including demonstrated leadership, managed a team of 10 and so on. If you want your application to count, see to it that you are using action words that can clearly show the skills you have and expertise you can contribute to the company.

There you have the top blinders to avoid and first job resume template when writing your entry level resume for high school students. Summing up, check for grammar and spelling and action words, as well as include a strong objective and accomplishment list.

Use top entry level resume samples 2017 today!