How Should a Resume Look in 2018?

How should a resume 2018 look like? For job seekers aiming at landing a new job or for entry-level professionals looking to land in their dream company, there are some important factors to remember when coming up with a great resume format 2018, which is what you’ll learn below.

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how should a resume look
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how should a resume look
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how should a resume look
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The Features on How Should a Resume Look Like

  • Headline: This is the component where that introduces you, including your name, permanent home address, mobile number, email address, social media links and fax number, whichever apply.
  • Employment background: This is one of the most important features of your resume in 2018. It should include all the jobs you handled and the accomplishments you have had per position. Only list those that have something to do with this application.
  • Education or academic background: This is about your academic accomplishments and background, including school name and address, degree earned, GPA and completion year.
  • Honors, awards, accomplishments earned or received: If you’re a newbie, you can include those awards and honors you received in school or in other related activities, which tells more about you and your abilities. If you’re a veteran, you should include those achievements you have had relating to this application.
  • Related job skills: This can include any other languages you know, such as Spanish, German or French, as well as this can include computer related skills, administrative skills and so on.

What a Resume Looks Like?

Best Tips:

  • Always upsell your accomplishments showing that you are indeed an effective person for the job. You don’t have to focus on your job duties, but on the quantifications that you have to show your accomplishments.
  • Use specific buzzwords or industry-related terms to highlight your best assets and qualifications. Find related job keywords to include. That’s what a resume should look like.
  • Proofread your resume template 2018 and don’t send an erroneous one to avoid being turned down from the start. Increase your chances to being interviewed by giving attention to grammar details and submitting a well-polished CV.
what a resume looks like
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what a resume looks like
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what a resume looks like
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There you have the best tips on “how should a resume look like” for an increased job chances.

Checklist for Creating a Killer Resume

It’s understandable that writing your resume poses a problem for you especially when you are trying to beat your competition. After all, you won’t know how others will be approaching their resume so you need to think of a way on how you’re going to make your own document stand out just like the tips mentioned here:

Outstanding Resume 2016
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What other steps that you can take to make your resume gain the upper hand against your competitors? Here is a checklist for you to use.

  • Get to know the job. What better way to make a killer CV than to learn more about the job that is being offered including job description and requirements so that you will be able to put the right information in your resume that will answer the needs of the company. This will help get your resume noticed because you took the time to understand what is being asked of by the company.
  • Customization is a must. Now that you have an idea on what the company is looking for in its employees, you should customize your CV according to the requirements of the company so that you will be able to put all relevant information on the forefront of your resume. Sending in a generic resume won’t help your bid to stand out among the rest of the applicants because you are not putting the right details into focus.
  • Utilize the internet. Thanks to the presence of the internet, job seekers have more avenues to use to find the best job for them. Take advantage of social media sites such as LinkedIn where you can upload an online resume for others to see.
  • Make your words count. All details that are included in your CV should help you get interviewed. Other than that, you should remove sentences that aren’t helping you one bit.
  • State the facts. It’s important that you state only the facts in your resume if you want to make a good impression to your readers. There is no need for you to add details that aren’t true because fact checking is done by recruiters to determine if you have actually done the things you said in your resume.
  • Share details. Your CV should explain what contributions you have given to your previous employers or what experiences you had that developed your skills to what they are today. Relevant details are needed if you want to stand out among the crowd.
  • Use buzzwords. Don’t hesitate to use buzzwords in your CV because they can help make your resume searchable especially online. The keywords that you should use must be relevant to the work that you are after so that it will be easier to find.
  • Be confident. When writing your CV, don’t hesitate to show off your skills because your resume is all about promoting yourself to potential employers. However, you need to tone it down a bit otherwise you might come off as an arrogant individual which will give the wrong impression to your readers.
  • Double check your work. Always proofread and edit your CV before sending it to potential employers because you don’t want to waste this opportunity because your paper is riddled with grammar errors.
  • Less is always more. According to Matthew Tarpey of CareerBuilder:

“Keep in mind, employers tend to have quite a few resumes they need to look over, and thus don’t spend much time on any individual resume – at least in the early stages of the application process. The easier your resume is to read, the more likely it is actually to be read.”

As much as you would like to put all the details about you in your resume, keeping it as simple as possible will be more beneficial to you in the long run because recruiters will be able to gather relevant information about you even when they just gave your resume a cursory look.

Ensure you follow some tips that highlight your best qualifications and advantages over other applicants.