How This Dancer Resume Sample Can Help You to Get Dream Job

How This Dancer Resume Sample Can Help You to Get Dream Job

If you want to become a professional dancer, you need to have the skills you need. In writing the resume dancer, you need to write your dance education, involvement and experience. If you want to know what does a resume look like here are guidelines to answer your questions.

Techniques in Writing Dancer Resume

  • Start with training: The training section should include all the places you have taken your dance lessons. You need to include the name of the instructors and styles you studied. Be sure to be specific in listing the technique styles you learned.
  • Teaching experience: In here, you need to list places where you have instructed, what style you lead and years of experience. You can include a time where you assisted a choreographer or faculty instructor. Whether you demonstrated or volunteered, it can be included in the experience section.
  • List your live or stage performance background: In this section, it is where you write your prominent performances. Be sure that you write the name of the performance you had, your role and months that the performance ran. You also need to list the performance titles.
  • Skills, education, and industrials or commercials: You can list other skills you have that are related to the position you are applying for. For industrials and commercials, it is optional to include.

Tips in Writing

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  • Who you are: The heading of your dance resume should contain up to date details, which include your contact number, name and email address.
  • Performance experience: This section should include details about your career highlights, which include commercials, movies, cruises, music videos and industrials.
  • Awards: Be sure to highlight your distinctive assets and do not list each competition you have attended.
  • Dance training: Make a chronological list of your training starting with the most recent. Write the name of the school, teachers that taught you, time you spent and forms of dance you studied.
  • Education: If you have a larger range of experience, then you need to write it because the employer is more interested to it.
  • Special skills: It can be about special movement training like contortion, martial arts and others.

What to Include

  • Contact information
  • Career objective
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Education

Powerful Words to Use

  • Emerging
  • Complete name
  • Promises
  • Demonstrated
  • Trained
  • Skilled

What to Skip

  • Do not fold your resume
  • Do not include the word resume
  • Do not include details that come from other people
  • Do not write in paragraph form

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How to Impress the Employer

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  • Be concise: You need to be concise as much as possible and keep your resume to single page only.
  • Keep it traditional: The harder you want to stand out, then the greater of risks. It is better to use the traditional style in writing your resume and make sure that you maintain the standard format for easy reading.
  • Be relevant: Make sure that your resume is clear. You only need to include the information that is related to the position you are applying for.
  • Avoid jargon: As much as possible, you need to avoid jargons because it does not carry any weight to your application. Jargons are not good to use and will not make your resume impressive.
  • Be interesting: If you decided to list hobbies, and then be sure it is related to the position. It is better to include interesting details that will make you stand out from the crowd.

If you have what it takes to become a good dancer, then you need to make sure that you put it in writing. Write everything you have that will impress and satisfy the employer so that you will be chosen. Do your best and make sure that you submit the best resume that the potential employer wants to read.

Write the best resume dancer today!