How to Create a Receptionist Resume 2016-2017

If you are applying for a job as a receptionist, you may already know that you need to submit a receptionist resume, but must also have an understanding that you should be able to amaze possible employers since a receptionist performs in the front desk or lobby of an office. Now, what are the things that could make your application stand? Do you think that you need to do some fancy editing to receptionist resume examples?

Best Kept Secrets of Receptionist Resume Examples

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When it comes to resume writing, most would follow resume 2016 they can find online or those recommended by their friends. If you think that, the information you already know does not really help you, the best recommendations coming from experts of the professional writing world. Now, let’s go ahead and talk about that right now.

  • Professional resume templates 2016 you must use professional fonts like Arial or Verdana, usage of bullet points to show clarity and bold headings to help readers find different sections in your CV while limiting it to a maximum of a two pages.
  • Receptionist resume trends indicate that you must avoid including personal information like social security numbers. You must also not exaggerate your skills or qualifications, avoiding colored fonts when editing your resume.
  • Other things that you may consider for resume samples 2017 is the need to make your CV as competitive as it can be. This means that you have to create a CV that is meant for a certain job position that you are applying, which means that you should avoid writing things about the job duties since recruiters already knows what it is. It is more important to talk about the most recent job responsibilities you have performed as well as your qualifications and previous positions you have handled.

That is all for now regarding professional resume examples 2016-2017. Make sure that you ask the opinion of your friends or family so that you can make necessary corrections to your CV before you submit it to a possible employer.

Guidelines to the Best Receptionist Resume 2016

Finding a job as a receptionist may sound easy at first but when you get down to it, you will find that there are quite a lot of challenges for you to go through. The recruitment process isn’t exactly easy as recruiters have specific guidelines that tell them whether an applicant is worth interviewing or not. This means that you need to consider what format you are going to use so that you will have a much better chance of getting found by the right people. Are there other ways in which you can make your resume for receptionist stand out? Here are some guidelines that you can use to build the best CV.

  • Learn more about the job. As a receptionist, you will be the one who will man the front desk but what other responsibilities fall under this job? Make it a point to learn more about the job description so you can figure out what information you’re going to add in your resume.
  • Choose your format. Like it was mentioned before, you can use either chronological or functional CV for your application. Either will work but choose one that you prefer the most to help streamline the information that you want your readers to get.
  • Focus on your skills. Think about what skills you have that will make you stand out from other applicants. Don’t forget to highlight those that are needed in a receptionist to meet the requirements of the company.
  • Share related experiences. Any experiences that you have gained over the years that show your qualifications as a receptionist should be included in your CV. Make sure that you add specific details to help recruits get a better idea on what you have accomplished so far.
  • Work summary. You can add a work summary in your resume in place of objectives especially if you have an extensive experience. If you are just starting out, an objective statement will suffice so that your readers can get an idea on what you are trying to achieve in applying as a receptionist.
  • Create a cover letter. When writing a resume, you can add a cover letter to it so that it will give recruiters a much better idea on your craft. Plus, you can use this space to show off your qualifications other than those that are written in your CV.
  • Use keywords. As much as possible, utilize buzzwords or keywords in your resume. This way, it will be easier for your recruits to find your resume amongst the hundreds that they go through daily. Look for industry keywords to make your paper stand out.
  • Be concise. There is no need for you to add fluff in your resume because your readers can only spare a few seconds going over your paper. This means that you need to be concise as much as possible so they can find all the relevant details about you even when giving your CV a cursory look.
  • Proofread. Once you are done with writing your resume, the next step would be to proofread your work. This is important because you don’t want to end up sending a resume that has grammar and spelling errors in them.
  • Customize. It pays to submit a customized resume template 2017 when applying as a receptionist as this helps your readers get to know you better.

For those who are considering applying as a receptionist, Oubria Tronshaw of Demand Media said:

“According to a resume guide offered through Brigham Young University, skills based resumes highlight your qualifications without calling attention to gaps in employment, frequent job changes and terminations; however, traditional resumes make it easier for potential employers to see specifically what you’ve accomplished at each of your previous jobs.”

These are just a few guidelines that you need to take into consideration if you want to get ahead of your competition. By customizing your CV, you can show your readers how qualified you are for the job.

Make your resume for receptionist shine by using these guidelines today!