How to Match Your High School Resume Format 2017 to the Job You Want

When you’re finished with high school and now you’re looking to find some job vacancies, you might want to check out this post in order to learn how to create a customized high school resume format 2017.

match your high school resume format

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Customizing a High School Resume to Match a Job Application

Remember, no resume format 2017 could fit all types of job. Thus, it will be best that you adjust or make changes with your resume. To get started, check out these three areas that you have to emphasize on a job ad in order to create an attractive resume for an applicant tracking system or a recruiter. Take into account the following sections.

  • Role Match

It will be a good advantage if your previous job’s title is matched with the advertised job title. It should appear on top to catch the eye of both the applicant tracking system and recruiter looking for applicants to fill the role up.

  • Value Match

You should search for overlaps between your previous qualifications and responsibilities to show that you have the value to offer to the company where you want to work for. Highlight or mention a little bit more about those things that can make you a good candidate for the job. This will help you gain the attention of the employer who would be thinking you have the right qualifications for the job. It can also show that you are the perfect candidate to handle the responsibilities of the position.

  • Skill Match

Look for the hard and soft skills required based on the job posted. You should show them in your resume. Add in your work experience, educational background and transferrable skills in order to show that you have what it take to fill in the job role.

Applying for a job after high school, you should customize your resume so that you can create a stronger resume that will make a good impression and increase your chances to succeed in the particular job application.

Don’t fail to apply the tips we have mentioned above as well as the areas to give attention to when writing a resume that will match a particular job.