How to Write Cover Letters for High School Students 2017

It is not easy to write cover letters for high school students 2017 because they need to present information that is not included in their resume for high school students with no experience. They need to do their best in writing the cover letter for the reader to read their high school student resume for college.

High School Cover Letters: Necessary Points

cover letters for high school students
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  • A good cover letter in include full name, email address and contact number at top of the paper on tight side
  • Include name of business and contact person name on left side
  • Write reference line such as Re: Application for assistant position
  • An address to reader like Dear Mr. Smith ( you should avoid writing to whom it may concern as your address to the person reading)
  • Include an opening statement that introduces yourself to the reader
  • Include a main body highlighting your characteristics and qualities relevant to the job
  • Closing paragraph asking for personal interview

If you do not have formal experience, there are things that you can include in your cover letter 2017 which include:

  • General skills that help you to work in an organization or a team
  • Personal attributes that helps you to work in professional environment
  • Key contributions and strengths showing you’re the best applicant
  • Volunteer work or school work experience demonstrating your attributes and strengths
  • Include any community or sporting club participation
  • Any interests and hobbies

High School Cover Letters Special Features

  • Introduces you to the reader
  • Attracts reader’s interest
  • Do not include “I” statements

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Examples of Cover Letters for High School Students 2017

Philip Burns

Newstart Avenue

0000 123 456


Dear Sir or Madam

Re: Assistant Position for Bookshop

Introduce yourself

Write the main body

Closing paragraph asking for interview


Philip Burns

There you go a sample and tips that you should know in writing your cover letter. You need to follow the proper format and it is better when you research the person who will read your cover letter for him to appreciate that you exert effort in knowing him. You should not also forget that you do not need to include information that appears in your resume.

Use this sample, and let’s write your perfect