How to Write High School Student Resume for College 2017

If you are applying for college, you need to have a resume because it is where the committee will know about your accomplishment, achievements, experience and other things. In all applications, a high school resume for college is needed to submit.

High School Resume for College Admissions 2017

high school student resume for college
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Putting together all information in your CV format 2017 is difficult because you only need to choose the current and the best. Some tips will help you in writing.

  • Personal information: You need to provide your permanent and email address. This is standard details of resume. You should avoid writing ethnicity information.
  • Family information: Since most of students rely on their parents, some information on family is needed to be included. In this section, it includes names, phone number, address, employers and much more.
  • Academic information: Includes the name of the university attended.
  • Test scores: Many universities and colleges require students to take standardized tests like SAT, ACT or advanced placements. This information can be added in the CV format 2017.
  • Academic activities and achievements: Students must need to include academic achievements in writing their resume. Including volunteer work is also nice as well as extracurricular activities.
  • Employment information: The name, the tile and position of the person.

Note: If you have experience, including a section for it is important. The more relevant information you present to the reader, the more your CV becomes appealing. Just ensure that in writing your resume, you only need to have at least one to two page of resume.

High School Resume Template for College Admissions

To know more about high school CV for college admission, knowing about good templates is important.

  • Complete name
  • Complete address
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Skills
  • Volunteer activities

There you go the things you need to know in writing resume. Also, when it comes to sections especially of education, you need to write about the name of the school year graduated and what you have accomplished. It helps the reader to know more about you and it is easy to read because it is written effectively. Follow a free high school resume template above and the tips to craft a wonderful CV.

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