Important Facts on High School Internship Resume 2017

Constructing a well organized high school resume is not difficult when you know what you will do. If you don’t know how to write a resume for high school students, remember that you need to include about your academic background, accomplishments, skills, goals, activities and experience because it is vital to have a successful CV. Good high school student resume examples might help with your writing.

High School Internship Template CV 2016-2017

Complete name




  • School, graduation date (month and year)
  • GPA

Honors and Awards:

  • Honor Society


  • Title, organization, location and dates
  • Co-curricular activities:
  • Sports, music arts and club memberships


  • Language, Music, Computer and Photography

These are the sections that must be included in writing high school internship. It is important that you know what you will include to get the attention of the reader. It is also necessary that you use good format and structure for easy reading.

High School Internship Resume 2017

high school resume sample
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  • Type your name in a new document using left of center justification. You can bold or italic it. You can also include your address, phone number and email.
  • Create objective section and it must be one sentence explaining the type of internship you want. Focus on your strongest skill and what you feel.
  • Create education section where you need to type the name of the school, the year you are in with expected month and year of graduation. If your GPA is impressive, including it is a nice idea.
  • Create experience section which includes the position, the job, volunteer work or any projects you have done outside the school. Listing also about the responsibilities is necessary.
  • Have a section for relevant studies which include courses that is related to internship career.
  • Including honors, wards and memberships section is important. List down the notable achievements, the dates and associations you gained.
  • You need to create reference section if they ask you. You can list previous teachers, managers and any person that will help you with your application.

To become part of the high school internship programs, you need to customize your internship resume 2017. You also need to present all the important information that they should know about you.

If you have experience and good wards, list it in your resume.