New Trends in Medical Assistant Resume Template 2017

As a child, you may have dreamed of being a medical professional like a doctor or maybe even a medical assistant that is why you familiarized yourself with a well-written medical assistant resume template 2017. With that in mind, you should equip yourself with the best knowledge as to how you can create a professionally written resume. What most people do is to go online and find some top quality medical assistant resume examples or even high school resume example.

However, on this post, everything that you need to know about resumes samples or templates. Are you ready to get started? Let’s go ahead and look at the top medical assistant resume templates.

Top Three Tips for Medical Assistant Resume Templates

When it comes to writing your resume, what you can do is to look at sample medical assistant resume online. Other than that, some people ask their friends or family regarding their opinions about resume 2016 writing. Now, why don’t you look into the following tips so you can be enlightened about resume writing?

  • When it comes to resume writing, you should avoid hiding employment gaps in your work history. Keep in mind that companies who look to employ individuals would surely do some screening about a potential employee’s background.
  • As part of the ever technology that covers almost everything, companies do have an Applicant Tracking System or ATS, which requires you to use keywords so that they can track you easily. This gives you an edge over your fellow applicants in terms of being employed, so you should be well aware of medical assistant resume template 2017.
  • Other than that, you should start using simple and easy read fonts like Tahoma, Arial and Times New Roman. This ensures that you get to follow helpful tips from medical assistant resume examples. Bear in mind that being too fancy with your resume would not help catch the attention of a potential employer.

These are the top tips derived from the latest trends with resume writing. Now, are you ready to get going and write your resume today?

Build an Impressive Medical Assistant Resume with this Checklist

Getting a job as a medical assistant won’t be easy because competition will be tough. Of course, before you do consider applying for this post, you need to ask yourself whether this is the career path for you.

Medical Assistant Career
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If you are committed to becoming a medical assistant, it is high time that you start creating your resume that will impress the right people. Here is a checklist that you can use to improve your resume for it to stand out among the crowd.

“Your cover letter is the heart of your resume. According to a nationwide survey, over 75% of hiring managers state that the cover letter is more important than the resume itself. Your cover letter should be specifically written to address the needs of the employer to which you are applying.”

So make sure that you think carefully on what information you will be adding to this part of your application that will convince your readers that you are what they need for the job post.

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  • Personal information should be visible. You need to make the personal information section of your resume stand out so that your readers will get to know you immediately. Plus, they will be able to determine where to contact you in case you are qualified for an interview.
  • Customization is necessary. You’re probably thinking that sending in a generic resume should be enough to get the attention of your readers but sadly this won’t do you any good. Keep in mind that recruiters are looking for relevant information about their applicants that are suited for the job that they are offering.
  • Focus on both administrative and clinical skills. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should showcase your administrative and clinical skills in your resume. This is important because as a medical assistant, you will be given a number of tasks that you need to perform expertly.
  • Share your experiences. You should write your experiences in detail if you want to impress your readers as they will want to know what makes you qualified for the position. Be as detailed as you can when highlighting these experiences so you can show recruiters that you are the best choice there is.
  • Don’t lie. There is simply no reason why you should lie in your application as a medical assistant. Just because you want to impress recruiters, it doesn’t mean that you should embellish in your resume. Sticking to the facts is much better because you don’t have to worry about being called out for the lie that you wrote in your resume.
  • Appearance is everything. How you present your resume can also affect your chances of getting noticed in the crowd. If your resume is plain without anything that will grab your readers’ attention then it won’t get noticed. On the other hand, if you put a lot of graphics in it, you may confuse your readers to the point that they simply move on to the next applicant
  • Keep it short. Most resumes span up to two pages but anything beyond that may be harder to digest. As much as possible, keep your resume short and to the point so that your readers will be able to determine whether you will fit nicely into the company.
  • Get feedback. You should let someone else read your resume if you want to find out whether you can impress them or not. Get their feedback and use it to revise your resume accordingly.
  • Always proofread. Never send in a resume that hasn’t been proofread because there is a possibility that there are errors you may have missed. Go over your resume as many times as possible so that you will be able to correct errors fast.

Well then, let’s go ahead and practice writing one using the best sample medical assistant resume.