No Job Experience Resume 2017 Writing Tips

Can You Create a Good Resume with No Job Experience?

A good resume or CV format 2016 is one of the best tools you have when you are seeking employment. When creating a resume work experience is one of the first things a prospective employer is going to look at. However problems can arise when you are looking for work but have no job experience. You can’t find work because you lack experience. Conversely you can’t get experience because you nobody will hire you without it. It is a vicious circle that can leave you frustrated and discouraged. However, it is possible to create a good resume even if you lack job experience.

The No Work Experience Resume Format

The first step in creating your resume is to decide what format to use. For first time job seekers the reverse chronological format is suggested. When this format is used your education background and work experience are listed in reverse chronological order. Not having any job experience, the education section should be placed before the work history section. The very first section of the resume other than your name and contact information will be a “summary of your qualifications” section. This will be followed by the education section, activities and interests section, achievements section, skills section and finally the work experience section.

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What to Include in a No Job Experience Resume

Just because you lack job experience doesn’t mean you don’t have skills that an employer can use. Most job listings will include a list of skills that applicants should possess. Compare the skills you have with those in the job listing and choose three or four that you can mention in the qualifications summary. These don’t have to be skills gained from a job. They might be something you learned from school, extra-curricular activities, hobbies, volunteer work or through some other means. Only include three or four of the most relevant skills in your summary. These skills and any others that are relevant to the position will be included in the skills section. Provide your education information in the appropriate section. The information in activities and interests, achievements and education sections will provide information on how your skills were gained.

Tips for Writing a Resume with No Job Experience

The following are a few tips and suggestions for creating a resume when you lack job experience:

  • Keep it relevant: Only include skills relevant to the position you are applying for
  • Include keywords: Use keyword takes from job listings in your resume
  • Make your resume easy to scan: Keep the resume layout clean and easy to read. Use sub-headings, bullet lists and white space to make your resume easy to scan. Of course, you can use creative resume design, but be careful.
  • Be professional: You may lack experience but your resume should appear professional. Use a consistent style and proofread to make sure no typos or spelling mistakes exist

A good resume is essential to landing the job interview you want. If you lack work experience and are unsure how to create an appropriate resume you can request some help from professional services.

No job experience resume writing is easy, get start now!