Professional Model of Resume 2017

Are you looking for a model of resume? There are many kinds of 2016 resumes out there, but not all of them can suit your situation when it comes to job applications. If you are aiming at increasing your job chances for the coming year, then you can consider following the tips shown below.

Resume Format 2016-2017

model of resume
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  • Personal and contact information: This is the section where to write your full name in a larger font size and the contact details, including your professional email address, home address and contact number. All these can help the employer in contacting you in case you are shortlisted for an interview.
  • Career summary: This is the part where to highlight your best qualifications or maybe achievements that make you an ideal candidate. It is the component of your resume that gives a quick glance of who you are and what you can do.
  • Employment history: This is the portion where you list your job experiences, but only the most related and most significant ones. You don’t have to include all but only those that are much related and much impressive to catch the employer’s attention.
  • Education: Professional resumes 2016 should also include your academic background, including names of schools attended, degrees earned, GPA, year of graduation and school address. Don’t skip this part to give the employer a quick view of your professional trainings and educational accomplishments.
  • Accomplishments, achievements and awards: This is the part to brag about your honors and achievements, further giving the employer about your abilities and skills.
  • Related job skills: This will list your skills for the resumes in 2016. You can include language knowledge, computer knowledge and so on.

Tips for Resumes in 2016

  • Spend enough time in writing and editing your paper before submitting it. Avoid sending an application with grammar and spelling errors. Or else, you might ruin your application.
  • Tailor every CV per job application. Don’t send a generic resume or one resume for all jobs. Research about the company, read and understand the job ad and answer the requirements in your resume.
  • Avoid going over two pages for your resume. Make it only up to two pages at most.

Follow these formatting tips and improvement tips for an outstanding resume 2016. Make it work for you by sending a tailored CV per industry and company.

Checklist for an Improved Resume 2016

You might think that your CV is the only thing that recruiters will be looking at when hunting for new recruits but they are also searching for resumes that stand out. If you are a fresh graduate or already have experience, you will need to create a CV that will give your readers the right impression.

Just to give you an idea on how to build a resume, check the infographic below.

Resume Done the Right Way
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What else is there for you to do to make a good impression with recruiters? Here are some guidelines that you can take into account when building or revising your resume.

  1. Grab reader’s attention. You need to keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to pique your reader’s interest so make sure that the first thing that they will read will hook them immediately. You can start by writing a headline which is around 40 to 50 words only that will summarize your specialization. This will give your readers something to consider when reviewing your resume.
  2. Highlight your skills. Your skills should be the center of attention in your resume so make sure that you put them in a prominent place in your resume. This will save your readers time and effort in going through your resume because you are handing them the details that they are looking for.
  3. Show confidence. Remember that your resume serves as your marketing tool so show confidence in what you can do as it easily translates into your resume.  Think carefully on what qualities you have that you believe should be included in your CV.
  4. Keep it simple. You don’t really have to pepper your CV with designs, colors, and graphics because your readers might get confused. Even a simple resume can still win the interest of your readers as long as it contains relevant information that recruiters need when hiring new employees.
  5. Details are important. What better way to gain the attention of your readers than by adding details to your resume sample 2017? The more interesting your CV is the better the chances the recruiters will consider your application.
  6. Be brief. Your resume doesn’t really have to span more than four pages especially when you can keep the contents pared down to those that are most relevant to the job. Submitting a concise CV will be well received compared to those that are long and winding.
  7. Add keywords. Keywords are essential when it comes to writing resumes as they can help your CV stand out among the crowd particularly online. These keywords should be industry related to increase your chances of getting noticed among the crowd.
  8. Share related experiences. If you have experiences that are related to the job, feel free to share them in your CV. This will help recruiters understand your characteristics better which can improve your chances of getting interviewed.
  9. Ask for feedback. It helps to have someone review your resume for you because fresh eyes can give more insight to your work. Use their suggestions to improve your resume.
  10. Keep revising. Revise your paper as many times as possible until you are one hundred percent satisfied with the outcome.

According to Pamela Skillings of Big Interview:

“The goal of a resume is to be a marketing document that entices recruiters and hiring managers to feel compelled to meet you. Most hiring managers spend their days wading through resumes from qualified job seekers. What will set yours apart?”

It is understandable that you’ll feel frustrated when writing your resume because the pressure is high in delivering a one-of-a-kind CV that will impress the right people. The good news is that this isn’t really impossible especially when you choose to follow the guidelines mentioned above. With the tips mentioned here, you’ll be able to deliver a resume that will convince readers to consider you for the job that they are offering.

Learn more about professional resumes 2016 today!