Resume for Civil Engineer in 2016-2017

Do You Need Help to Write Your Resume for Civil Engineer Applications in 2016-2017?

Applying for a civil engineering job is going to require you to submit a perfect resume for civil engineer applicants. Not only your civil engineer resume has to show the reader that you have all of the experience and qualifications that they are looking for, it also has to do it very quickly. Most recruiters will only quickly scan a resume, if they do not immediately see the information that they want they will quickly move on to the next applicant. So if you want to get invited for an interview, you will need to ensure that your resume is formatted and written in a way that is going to get you noticed.

The Right Format for Your Resume for Civil Engineer

The format of your resume for civil engineer 2017  applications is as important as the content of the resume. If you cannot get the reader to immediately see that you meet their requirements without searching for the info, then you will not get selected. Your resume format for engineers should be:

  • Using an easy to use 12pt font such as Arial or Times New Roman
  • Have even margins of at least 1 inch on all sides
  • Be no more than 2 pages long, if you use 2 pages ensure that the information is balanced between the 2 pages not just 3 or 4 lines on the second page
  • Don’t use flowery scripts that are difficult to read
  • Do not decorate your resume in any way

resume for civil engineer resume for civil engineer tips on resume writing

How to Write Your Resume for Civil Engineer 2017

Writing your resume 2016 will require you first to identify exactly what the recruiter is looking for. Your resume is best tailored for each application that you make to ensure that the right information is highlighted for the application. When you write your resume for civil engineering you should:

  • Only include information that is required, you do not have to try to explain your entire working history in details.
  • Do not just list out your responsibilities for each job, these are obvious from the job title.
  • Show what you have actually achieved within each role.
  • Provide clear quantified examples of what you have achieved. Precise quantified examples will get you noticed by the recruiter.
  • Eliminate any possible writing errors through very careful proofreading.

Checklist for a Civil Engineering Resume

Applying for a civil engineer position won’t be that easy especially when you’re competing with other qualified applicants. Sending in generic resume won’t do you any good because HR managers can easily spot whether the resume that they are reading is customized for their business or not. Although there is a high demand for civil engineers, it’s still hard to get noticed among the crowd.

Civil Engineering Career Outlook
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As is evidenced by the graph above, the need for civil engineers will continue to climb which gives civil engineers hope of finding a suitable position for them. If you feel that your chances of getting the best job available is not as high as you think, the best thing for you to do is to look for ways on how you can revamp your resume so that it will come out strong. Yes, reviewing samples online can help but according to

“A good civil engineer resume must summarize your skills and qualifications to the potential employer. Your resume should communicate information about your organizational abilities. You need to organize your information in a clear and brief format.”

The best way to get this done is to use this checklist to help guide you in writing your resume.

  1. Share personal information. Your resume should contain your personal information so that your readers will get to know you right off the bat. This will be your introduction to your readers so make sure that you put relevant details about you.
  2. Choose your layout. A good CV template 2016-2017 is one that has a proper layout where all relevant details are highlighted. You need to choose carefully depending on the kind of work that you are aiming for as well as what company you want to apply to.
  3. Focus on your strengths. Identify your strengths and include them in your resume. Choose those that you think will help your bid to getting interviewed for the position.
  4. Add details. Relevant details about your skills must be included in your resume so don’t hesitate to give relevant information. Keep in mind that you want your readers to understand you better so that it will be easier for them to make a smart decision.
  5. Keep it short. Your CV shouldn’t go beyond four pages as this will be too much already. This is why you need to keep your paper as short but informative as much as possible.
  6. Use headlines. Adding headlines to your resume can help your readers identify what kind of work that you do and your area of expertise as well. This can make you stand out from the crowd too which is a plus.
  7. Stay focused. Avoid jumping from one idea to the next as this will confuse your readers. As much as possible, focus on the essentials before adding supporting details.
  8. State facts. When writing your resume for civil engineer 2017, simply stick to the facts. HR managers would like to know details about you that are true rather than making something out of thin air just to impress them.
  9. Review your work. Proofreading your paper is important if you want to make your resume stand out. You don’t want to end up submitting a resume that is riddled with grammar errors, do you?
  10. Get help. If you feel that your civil engineer resume needs more work, you might want to consider hiring a professional writing service as needed. This way, you’ll be able to submit a paper that will grab the attention of your readers right from the start.

These are just a few pointers that you need to take into account when writing your resume if ever you want to stand out among the crowd. Make sure that you focus your readers attention to the most relevant details in your resume so that, even when they’ll just go over your paper at a glance, they will still get valuable information about you.

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Follow our tips for writing and formatting your resume for civil engineer 2017 applications and you will have a better chance of getting selected for an interview.