Resume for Graphic Designer: Popular Trends in 2016-2017

How Hard Do You Have to Work on Your Resume for Graphic Designer in 2016-2017?

If you are looking for a new job in graphic design you will be wanting to ensure that your resume is very well written indeed. To get noticed you will need to ensure that your resume fully matches what the recruiter is looking for and is able to communicate this information to the recruiter efficiently. Most recruiters just briefly skim through a resume, if they do not quickly see what they want to see they will just move on and look at the next resume. They are not going to spend forever looking for information if it does not immediately make itself obvious. The format for your resume for graphic designer applications needs to carefully designed to ensure that you can communicate clearly that you are a perfect fit for their job.

How to Format Your Resume Graphic Design

The recruiter needs to see the information that they are looking for immediately if you want to get an interview. While this may be a graphic design job the actual format and design of your resume  2016 needs to be simple and able to quickly communicate what the recruiter wants to see:

  • Use a font that is very simple to read in 12pt.
  • Have clear even margins around the page
  • Use a maximum of 2 pages
  • Do not decorate the page, decorations may just distract the reader from the content
  • Use a consistent approach to font use and text formatting
  • Minimize the formatting of text to only draw attention to the most important information

Writing Your Resume for Graphic Designer

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Once you have the right format you also need to ensure that you fully understand what the recruiter is looking for. The best and most effective resumes are always carefully tailored to the position to which you are applying. The following tips will help you to write an effective resume for graphic designer:
  • Put the most important experiences and qualifications they are looking for at the start of each relevant section.
  • Do not include information that is not specifically asked for or expected from you, it will just clutter your resume and add no value.
  • Responsibilities do not tell the recruiter how you have performed in your jobs and are obvious from your job title so don’t include them in your resume.
  • List your achievements as these tell the recruiter how you have performed, be as specific as possible.
  • Quantify your achievements; figures and numbers will get the attention of the recruiter and this is what you want from your resume.
  • Proofread your resume to ensure that it is error free and that things like your contact details are actually correct.

These simple tips for formatting and writing your resume will help you to ensure that your resume for graphic designer or a resume marketing applications will get you noticed.

Make a Cool Graphic Designer Resume with This Checklist

If you want to make your resume for graphic designer to grab the attention of your readers, it’s important that you have all the necessary information on hand. Making an impression with your readers is important because the odds of getting a job when you send your resume won’t be that big as is evidenced below.

Web Designer Resume and Career Outlook
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With this in mind, here is a checklist that you should take into consideration when writing your resume:

  1. Don’t use Microsoft Word. You’re a designer which means that you should use other types of software that will showcase your creative side since Word has limitations to what it can do.
  2. Create several CVs. When applying for a job as a graphic designer, the best thing to do is to create several resumes that are customized to the company that you are interested in. This will help you stand out among the applicants who are simply handing in generic resume.
  3. Develop your cover letter. You might want to work on your cover letter too when applying for a job but make sure that you write it in a professional manner. Keep this part of your application in text form while leaving your creativity in your resume instead.
  4. Choose the right font. As a graphic designer, you should have a good idea on what fonts work and what don’t when writing your resume. Keep in mind that clarity is important when writing your resume so don’t use fonts that are hard to read.
  5. Avoid sending in photocopies. It’s nice that you are trying to save money and time when it comes to your resume, but photocopying it is not really a good idea as it can come off cheap unless the paper and printer that you are using is the professional grade.
  6. Show some personality. There is nothing wrong with showing a bit of your personality in your paper but not too much. There is always a time and place to bring out your sass. Keep things professional even when you are injecting a bit of humor to your resume sample 2017.
  7. Be consistent. A good resume sample 2017  is one that is consistent from start to finish. You should maintain the tone and style of writing in your resume so you can show how professional you are.
  8. Avoid plagiarizing. Just like it was mentioned ago, many designers reuse existing designs in their resume. Keep in mind, however, that these may have already be seen by potential employers. Trust in your creativity when writing your resume.
  9. Take notice of the novelty approach. There are many ways to show your creativity as a graphic designer. You can send in some jigsaw puzzle CV, scrolls, and the like but you need to consider who your audience is and whether they will appreciate receiving a resume that is outside the box.
  10. Keep things simple. As a graphic designer, it’s easy to get carried away in your CV design but you need to keep things as simple as possible if you would like to capture the interest of your reader. Too much design effects can confuse your readers if you are not careful.

According to CreativeBloq:

“A surprising number of graduates see an inspiring resume design concept and copy it. What can they be thinking? We all have access to the same internet, and if a particularly inventive resume design has caught your eye, there’s a strong chance it’s been shared virtually within the industry and will have caught the eye of your potential employer too. Your resume should show your creativity, not someone else’s.”

This checklist can be used as a guide to reviewing or making your resume for graphic designer. You just need to go over your work as many times as possible if you want to see the best results especially since the chances of getting noticed will be slim if you don’t put effort into your resume.

Make your graphic designer resume truly outstanding with these simple tips!

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