Resume for Project Manager in 2016-2017

How Well Does Your Resume for Project Manager Need to Be Written?

If you are looking to land a new or even your very first project management position in 2016 you need to be aware that your resume needs to be well written and well formatted if you are going to get an interview. Recruiters rarely spend more than a few seconds reviewing an application so if your resume is very cluttered or does not present the information that they are looking for in a way that makes it obvious you are not going to get an interview. So it is vital that you learn how to format and write your resume for project manager 2016-2017 applications to target the jobs you want.

How to Format Your Resume Project Manager

resume for project managerresume for project managerThe format of your resume for project manager applications needs to be able to present the information that the recruiter is looking for in a way that makes it obvious even with only a casual review. Often this actually means using the simplest of layouts rather than trying to be clever with formatting and layout. The best format for your project management resume will often be:

  • Using a simple to read 12pt font such as Times New Roman or Arial
  • Wide and even margins
  • Minimal use of formatting, often it is enough to only use bold for the headings of each section
  • Use only one or two pages for your CV
  • No use of graphics, borders or fancy dividers
  • Use clear space (often just a blank line) prior to new sections, the white space will draw the eye to where you need to put the most important information for the recruiter

How to Write Your Resume for Project Manager

Not only does your resume need to be formatted perfectly it also needs careful writing if you are going to impress the reader. Your resume should always be modified or written to specifically meet the expectations of the job that you are applying to. By tailoring your CV carefully you will maximize your chances of the recruiter seeing your resume as a match to their requirements. The following are some simple tips for writing your resume for project manager 2016-2017:

  • Put the most important skills, qualifications or experience first in the appropriate section.
  • Do not just list your responsibilities for your position, these are usually obvious just from the job title.
  • Do not hide required information by listing information that is not specifically requested or required for the position. Ensure that everything within your resume 2016 is relevant.
  • Illustrate your abilities by showing your actual achievements in your role.
  • Quantify your achievements fully: figures will get the attention of the recruiter far more than un-quantified statements: “Delivered the project on time, $300k under budget with zero claims within the first 6 months.” We can also provide you with a federal resume example in case you need it.

Resume Format 2017 Traits to Have

If you are aiming for a job as a project manager, you need to show in your resume what your qualifications are and why you are the best person for the job. Handing in a generic CV won’t get you anywhere because you are not being specific in your application. So what traits should a resume have for it to be successful?

Resume Traits
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Checklist Guide for the Perfect Resume

If your current resume isn’t as good as you hope it would or you want to update it because you want to apply as project manager, you need to have a checklist to use as a guide in drafting your CV. Here are some factors to take into account when reviewing your resume.

  • Did you give proper permission to the company to review your resume via online? If you are sending your resume via Google docs, make sure that you give the HR manager permission to view your file.
  • Have you written your basic information? As much as you would like to use infographics to show off your skills as a project manager, without adding your basic information, it will be difficult for the company to get in touch with you.
  • Did you customize your resume? The problem with resume writing is that it is tedious. This is one of the reasons why many simply send a generic resume to various companies. Unfortunately, this is also one of the reasons why they failed to make any impression with potential employers because they didn’t put any effort into customizing their CV.
  • Does your resume have an objective? As a rule, you need to state your objectives at the start of your resume to give the company an idea on what drives you to apply for the post. Your objective should be company oriented as opposed to being oriented to you as an applicant.
  • Have you given short descriptions of the companies that you have worked in previously? Give your readers some background of the companies that you were once employed in. This will help the HR gain a clearer picture of what your goals are.
  • Do you have guts? According to Kerry Hannon, a contributing writer at, “Don’t be bashful. You have to take the risk of picking up the phone and maybe having someone say no, and, maybe hell no.”

  • Are you using a good font? Keep in mind that your CV needs to be readable even at first glance. You need to use appropriate fonts and font size.
  • Is your resume in a readable file format? Make sure that when you save your resume that it is in the appropriate file format. Most recommend that you go for PDF as opposed to others.
  • Are you using keywords? Keywords in a CV are needed as they make your resume more relevant in searches. Since you are applying as a project manager, adding these words as well as other related words in your resume can help search engines find you.
  • Have you removed generic verbs and replace them with the more appropriate ones? You may feel satisfied that you are using verbs that are safe but sometimes going for the unique will make an impression with your reader.

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Ensure that you carefully proofread your resume for project manager 2016-2017 applications and also check that your contact information and other details are correct.