Resume for Sales Manager in 2016-2017

How Good Does Your Resume for Sales Manager Applications Need to Be?

Just because you are the very best at your job does not mean that your resume is going to get you that new job. Unless your resume template 2017 is able to reflect that you are the best then you are never going to get that interview to prove yourself. A recruiter only spends a fraction of a minute when looking at your resume so the way that you format it to present your information is vital to ensuring that the recruiter sees you match their specific needs. Being able to write that perfectly formatted resume for sales manager positions is vital to your application.

How to Write the Very Best Resume Sales Manager

resume for sales manager resume for sales manager
A sales manager CV will work best if it is written specifically for the job to which you are applying. Generic resumes rarely work as they do not target the specific skills and experiences that the recruiter is looking for and will often be cluttered with additional information that the recruiter is not interested in. So although it may seem to be more work, you should always write or modify your resume 2016  to target your application if you want to have more chance of getting an interview. The following tips will also help you to ensure that your resume for sales manager 2016-2017 applications is written perfectly:
  • Use an uncluttered and simple format for your sales management resume:
    • Margins need to be clear and of at least 1” all around
    • Never exceed 2 pages in length and balance the information between the two pages
    • Use a 12pt font that is very easy to read
    • Do not decorate the pages in any way
    • Use minimal text formatting and be consistent in what you do
    • Use white space to draw attention to information, such as having a blank line or two between sections to draw the eye there.
  • Avoid including any information that is not specifically requested or expected for the position. Information that the recruiter does not want will just make the information they do want harder to find.
  • Don’t list your job responsibilities; these are generally obvious from your job title.
  • Show what you have actually achieved in your previous roles by listing actual achievements.
  • Quantify those achievements so that you get the attention of the recruiters: “Increased sales of ABC by 35% in the UK and USA.”
  • Check your facts and ensure things such as your contact number and email address are correct.
  • Proofread: even a single mistake in grammar or spelling can be enough to ruin your application.

Our simple tips to help you with formatting and writing your 2016 resume for sales manager or resume financial analyst applications will help to ensure that you have a good chance of getting an interview through your application.

A Guide to Writing Exceptional Resume for Sales Manager 2016-2017

Applying as a sales manager won’t be that easy given that there will be some pretty tough competition out there who will be vying for the same spot as you. Relying on your CV alone won’t be enough to get you noticed out of all the applicants unless you give recruiters a resume that will pique their interest right from the start.

So how will you make your resume for sales manager 2016-2017 convince your readers that you are qualified for the job?

Sales Resume Dos and Donts
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Aside from the Dos and Don’ts mentioned above, there are other ways in which you can develop the best resume that is suitable for a sales manager and these are:

  1. Know the job. As someone who is interested in becoming a sales manager, you need to take the time to study the job ad and the company as well as this will help you gain insight on what they need in a sales manager. This will also enable you to determine what information to include in your resume so that you will get noticed among the crowd.
  2. Choose appropriate format. It’s true that there are plenty of CV templates out there that are worth using in your application but you need to consider which ones will give you the best results. Keep in mind that the format of your resume can play a role on how recruiters will view your resume so think about this carefully.
  3. Highlight your skills. No CV will be complete without focusing on the skills of the applicant. The same thing goes true for those who are applying for a sales manager position because your skills can set you apart from the rest of the applicants. Since you are aiming for a sales manager position, think about the skills that you have and from there, choose those that are appropriate for the job and focus on them.
  4. Details are needed. Another tip to writing your resume is to share details. This can be about your previous work where you helped the company increase its sales and the like. If you can, use metrics as this will help your readers determine what your contributions have been to your previous employers.
  5. Add colors. A traditional resume template 2017 may not work anymore especially in these times where many are using modern resumes already. If you want your application to stand out without overwhelming the reader with so much graphics, adding splashes of color will suffice. Use colors in each category of your resume so that it will draw the eyes of the recruiter.
  6. Use bullet points. Bullet points can make your resume easy to digest so that your readers can easily determine whether you are the perfect candidate for the job or not.
  7. Write in brief. Using long and winding sentences in your CV won’t get you anywhere but getting straight to the point will. Since recruiters and HR managers will only spare a few seconds studying your resume, you need to make sure that they will be able to spot all relevant details as soon as they see your resume.
  8. Integrate keywords. Keywords are now being used in resumes as they help get the paper noticed especially in the digital world. Look at the industry accepted keywords and use those that are appropriate for the job that you are after.
  9. Ask for help. One of the best ways to ensure that your application will stand out is to have someone review your paper for you. Their feedback will make it easier for you to determine whether there are any changes to be made in your CV or if everything is in order.
  10. Always proofread. It is imperative that you proofread your resume after writing it so you can spot any mistakes that you have made and be able to fix it as well. Even if you have to go through your CV several times, do it. You will thank yourself later when you receive invitations to interview.

According to Ritika Trikha of U.S News & World Report:

“Not all resumes are equal. When a recruiter or hiring manager is looking at a sales resume, her eyes naturally search for several must-have key elements that are unique only to the sales field. If she doesn’t see them, it’s into the “no” pile you go.”

Start writing an impressive resume using the checklist today!

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