Resume Scanning Software Secrets 2017

Before submitting a resume, check it! It might not be updated or compliant with the standard ways of writing one. Did you know that most employers are using software in scanning for candidates? They use this tool in order to automate the screening of their applicants, even resume for high school students with no experience goes through this checking point.

Thus, you need to make sure that your application complies with the most common ways that it scans your resume. Check out the following for your guidance, on what to remember as well as what to avoid for the best results.

resume software tips

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How Resume Scanning Software Find Humans

  • The HR receives your resume.
  • Your resume is ran through a parser, which is a computer program for removing styling and breaking down your text into recognized character strings for further analysis.
  • The parser then assigns the meaning to the resume content.
  • The employer uses keywords to search for candidates.
  • Your application or resume is scored using relevancy scoring, including semantic matching of employer’s search terms and the applicant’s years of experience.

Hacking Automated Resume Screeners 2017

  • Use keywords from the job description.
  • Put your contact information at the top but not necessarily in the header.
  • Write an executive summary
  • Make use of bulleted list in order to highlight skills and qualifications.
  • Always upload your resume into the system other than copying and pasting.
  • Use fonts, including Tahoma, Verdant and Arial.


  • Follow the one-page resume rule.
  • Choose informal or fancy formatting.
  • Use abbreviations.
  • Use logos.
  • Submit a PDF file because it is unreadable by some software.
  • Use any charts
  • Draw tables.

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