Resume Template Word Download 2017

When searching for resume 2016 template word download, you will have to be selective and see which among such can help you stand out in your job application. Because there are many types of download in word, you should be able to find one that will best highlight your qualifications and value as an ideal candidate to take on the job posted. Check out the following for things to look for when downloading Word resumes online.

Checklist for Choosing Resume Template Word Download 2017

resume template word download
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  • Does it have the right format? When finding a template to download, see to it that what you are getting comes with the proper format to use. For instance, if you want to highlight your solid work experience, use a template download that uses a chronological word resume format.
  • Does it have professional font? When looking for resume format download free, make sure that it has the right font, not fancy ones but a professional one. Make sure that what you will use is of Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana font style and size between 9 and 12.
  • Does it apply to your specific job application? When getting a resume template 2017 download word, see to it that it is a resume for professionals in your industry. For example, get an engineering resume if you are in the field of engineering and a medical practitioner resume if you are a doctor.
  • Does it contain headings and subheadings? One of the most important things to look for resume templates free download word is its headings and subheadings for organization of ideas and information. You may also pick up a one-column or a two-column resume at that.

Remembering these key points when looking for a good resume templates free download word online can help you pick the right one to use for a specific job application. Proofread and edit your resume to ensure it does not contain any mistakes, no matter what template you download online, and see to it that you save it in PDF if you are sending it on email.

A Guide to Writing a Winning Resume

It’s not really surprising to find that many job seekers are a bit daunted with the task of writing their resume especially since this is their ticket to getting noticed among the crowd. Add to this the fact that they will need to convince recruiters that they are the ideal candidate and it’s no wonder why many are having a hard time developing a winning resume. Yes, downloading templates from Microsoft Word can expedite your resume building but there are other factors that you need to take into account such as content, skills, experiences, and the like. Here is a sample checklist on what you should do when writing your resume.

Interview Winning CV
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Of course, these aren’t the only things that you should take into account when writing your resume. Here are some useful guidelines that you need to consider when building the best CV sample 2017.

  • Identify your objectives. Before you write your CV for a particular job, you need to identify what your objectives are first. What is it about this job that pushed you to applying in the first place? What do you think you will accomplish when you get the position? Once you have figured out your objectives, it will be easier for you to build your CV.
  • Integrate metrics. One of the most effective ways of showing recruiters your true potential is by using metrics. Add numbers, dollar signs, and the like to quantify your skills in the eyes of your readers. This way, it will be easier for them to identify your true skills based on your performance in your previous job.
  • Focus on the positives. Your CV is designed for you to show off your best features so look for your positive characteristics and use them in your resume. Recruiters want to know why you think you are qualified for the job so highlight your most important abilities.
  • Aim for clarity. When writing your resume, as much as possible, keep it clear. Remove any clutter in the design and get rid of sentences or statements that don’t really belong in your resume. This way, what will be left behind in your CV are details that are relevant to the job that you are aiming for.
  • Be brief. The CV shouldn’t span more than two pages since recruiters can only spare a few seconds reading your work. You need to write a condensed resume so that your readers can easily pick up the information that they need about you.
  • Share related experiences. No resume will be complete without you sharing relevant experiences in detail. Keep in mind that recruiters want to get to know you so paint them a picture of who you are rather than just telling them what you can do.
  • Be confident. Don’t be shy about writing about your skills especially since you want to capture the interest of your readers. Be confident in what you can do because this can easily translate to your resume which recruiters can pick up as well.
  • Customize your resume. Your CV should be written to address the needs of the employer. This is why it is important that you find out all there is to know about the job being offered and what the responsibilities attached to it so you can customize your resume accordingly.
  • Proofread. Never forget to go over your CV once you are finished because it will help you spot any mistakes that you may have done. Edit your work once you have spotted all the errors in your resume.
  • Use your CV as a marketing tool. According to Ann Hackett of QuintCareers:

“Think of yourself as a product, potential employers as your customers, and your resume as a brochure about you. Market yourself through your resume.”

Keep in mind that employers are looking for someone who has the skills they need so if you think you have the qualifications that they require, market yourself as best as you can.

Start creating your own amazing CV based on professional templates!