Resume Templates 2016-2017 That Look Great

As an applicant, you could help yourself get that dream job is by submitting a CV template 2017 that is well thought of and one that is written professionally. The information you are supposed to include in it must enable you to represent yourself well and allow you to leave a good impression for the hiring manager or recruiter to notice you and believe that you are the one fit for the job.  All that you need to do is to use resume templates 2016-2017 that look great and neat.

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Ways to Make 2016 Resume Templates Work to Your Advantage

Whenever you write a resume template 2016, you must think that it is what is going to help you land that interview with the company you have applied. Though some applicants think that it must be done creatively with the use of fancy fonts, though there is nothing wrong with it, walk away from that as much as possible.

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Your resume needs to be done and presented into parts for conciseness and clarity. The following sections are what make resume templates 2016-2017 successful.

  • Professional summaries or resume objectives must be the first part of your resume. In addition, it must possess the capability to appeal towards your potential employer.
  • Your accomplishments are also a great part of CV format 2016. You must highlight this section of your resume so that you can let your prospective employer determine your capabilities to perform well.
  • The work history section of a resume must never be hidden, referring to employment gaps even if you some. This would show how much responsibility you have taken previously.
  • The education section of your resume would prove to be an important part of your resume, most especially if it relates to the job you have applied.
  • The skills section for resume 2016 templates is one of most effective ways to show a possible employer that you capable of doing things well for a certain position.
  • The references section, on the other hand, is an excerpt from a recommendation letter that works effectively for fresh graduates or those with previous work experiences.

Check Your Resume Template 2016 with This Guideline

According to Dawn Rosenberg McKay of

“Putting together a resume is very serious business. It is your introduction to a prospective employer and, as with all first-impressions, there are no do-overs. If the employer likes what he or she sees in your resume, you will have the opportunity to make a second impression, on a job interview for example.”

With this statement in mind, you know that you will need to do a better job in developing your resume because it is all part and parcel of the application process just like your CV and the rest of the documents that you need to hand in.

Resume Checklist 2016
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So how will you make your resume capture the interest of your target audience? Here are some pointers to consider.

  1. Understand the job. One of the most efficient ways for you to come up with an outstanding resume is to understand the job being offered including the responsibilities that are under it. This way, you will be able to determine whether you have the qualifications for it so that you can map out the contents of your resume with ease.
  2. Customize resume. Now that you have an idea on what the job is about, the next step would be to tailor the contents of your resume to answer the needs of the company. This is much better compared to writing a generic resume because recruiters will know if you did pay attention to what they are looking for in an employee or not.
  3. Focus on your strengths. What makes you qualified for the job? Ask yourself this so that you will be able to determine what strengths that you have that is perfect for the job. You should also include what makes you unique in this field because it may be what employers are looking for when looking for a new hire.
  4. Add details. Your readers would like to know what it is about you that make you the best choice for the job. As much as possible, give details about your accomplishments and your skills so that it will be easier for your readers to identify your qualifications.
  5. Be concise. When writing your resume, make sure that the content is concise. As much as possible avoid writing statements that are not really part of the job because you are just eating up space that should have been reserved for valuable information.
  6. Add social media accounts. If you have a social media account that you are using for your works, don’t hesitate to add it to your resume because it can be used by the recruiter to figure out how proficient you are.
  7. Proofread your work. One of the most important tips that you should take into consideration when writing your resume is to proofread your work.
  8. Utilize keywords. It’s important that you use keywords in your resume so that it will be more visible to your readers. When looking for keywords, make sure that you choose those that have a higher chance of being used in searches so your resume will come out in the results list.
  9. Stick with the facts. Your resume should contain relevant information only. Avoid adding anything that isn’t true in your resume as recruiters do fact checks all the time.
  10. Edit your resume. Before you submit your resume, make sure that you review and edit content so that there won’t be any mistakes that will mar your work.

These are just a few tips on how you can create a winning resume that will increase your chances of getting noticed. As much as possible, stick to the facts when writing your resume because recruiters can easily spot a paper that has copied content. Remember that your resume is your ticket to getting noticed among the applicants so make sure that yours will contain all the information they need.

Now, are you ready to start writing your resume?