Resume Trends 2016-2017

Latest Career Trends 2016

Learning of the top resume trends for 2016 will help you land the job. For one, it is created to capture the attention of the potential employer, highlight your value proposition and meet the needs or requirements of the company at these modern times. Check out the following for the top trends you have to know and apply in your resume so that it stands out.

Top Resume Trends 2016-2017

Tailor Your Resume 2016Tailor your content to the specific job application. One dreadful mistake committed by applicants when creating and sending their resume is that they use it for all job applications they make, lowering their chances to show their real value worth for the position opened. To avoid it, read and understand the job advertisement and work your resume based on it. Do not perform shortcuts, but make sure that your resume is geared towards meeting the needs and requirements of the potential employer. Meet their needs by tailoring your content based on the qualifications and requirements as stated in the job advertisement.

Resume Keywords 2016One of the career trends 2016 to remember is to using resume buzzwords and keywords that will make your resume stand out. To do it, make sure to use specific industry related words to show that you have the knowledge and skills of the job and the industry. You also have to use keywords that relate to the job skills you have in order to show that you have the expertise as required for the job opening.

Latest Resume Format 2016Choose the latest resume format 2016. You can choose from reverse chronological format, functional format, combined format and professional resume format. The chronological format highlights your work experiences, listed in the reverse chronological order, while the functional format is based on your work skills, showing your familiarity and knowledge of the duties and responsibilities required in the job. The combined format is the latest resume format that focuses on both the aspects of the first two formats mentioned. Finally, there is the professional resume format 2017 that is geared towards a specific industry or job, highlighting your value proposition for the industry and the job opening. Choose based on your work experience, skills and professional expertise.


Career Summary 2016Skip the objective section and replace it with your career summary. This is the portion of the latest resume that focuses on your value proposition for the job. It lists your accomplishments, achievements or key competencies, which can be either in a bullet list or in a paragraph form. Limit this section to up to six lines only. Choose your wording and make sure that they are industry-related and that they are direct to the point. Get rid of the fluff and focus on the benefits you can bring to the table.

Infographic Resume Format 2016One of the career trends to watch out for 2016 is using an infographic or video resume. Either of these two can help you improve the visual appeal of your application. However, you may not want to use them if you are in industries, including healthcare and medicine. Instead, use them for arts, entertainment and other media related job applications.

Social Links in Resume 2016Include your social profile links to your resume, one of the latest resume trends for 2016. However, make sure that your social profiles, including that on Facebook and LinkedIn professional and do not contain anything that might ruin your application. You should also check that they contain a professional photo or headshot and not a fancy photo or a casual-looking one. Remember, many employers also now verify applicants through their social profiles, so check that these do not contain any malicious, irrelevant and non-professional content.

Networking Resume 2016Networking resumes are also one of the career trends for 2016. According to experts, making your resume both eye-friendly and computer-friendly is vital to the success of your resume. You can use creative resume formats if you are looking to create effective networking resumes. As you know, people are more visually engaged today than they were in the past.  Create an engaging resume that is both great in content and design.

Applicant Tracking System 2016Every job seeker also has to understand the importance of ATS or applicant tracking system.  This is most used by companies in recruitment today. You should know how it works and how you can tailor your resume for it so that you can expose yourself better in applicant tracking systems. Make sure that your resume can stand out in ATS so that it will have better chances for matches. In this case, the employer can easily find your application.

Resume Layout 2016Make sure to choose proper layout for your resume, one of the resume trends for 2016 to follow. You can choose either a one-column or a two-column resume.  For the two-column, you can have the sections on the left portion, while the content on the opposite side. You may also check various resume samples 2016 online and follow the newest resume format 2017 you liked the best.

Short Resume Format 2016Keep your resume to one or two pages only. Do not be tempted to writing your resume beyond this page number, or else, you might weaken your application. To avoid going over the maximum pages, you should cut the fluff and only include the most important points in your resume. For example, in the work history, you don’t have to include all 10 jobs you had, but only at least the most relevant to the particular application. List them in the reverse chronological order, highlighting the newest ones moving backwards.

Achievements in Resume 2016Highlight your accomplishments or achievements in every relevant job listed and not your job duties. Employers are looking for real numbers and results in your resume, so don’t forget to add comparison as a proof of your achievement. For instance, use phrases like “increased by 30%” in your newest resume format 2016.

Proofread Your Resume 2016Proofread and edit your resume, one of the career trends for 2016 to remember. Do not send your application unless you are very sure that it is free from any grammar and spelling errors. Remember, even the slightest typo can turn off the employer and ruin your application.

There you have the 12 resume trends for 2016 to remember and apply so that you can increase your chances of being hired. Definitely, applying these trends in the latest resume format 2017, content, design and layout can help you create a standout application, so get started with it today!

Your resume checklist 2016

One of the hardest things about writing a resume for any position is making sure that yours stand out among the competition. This is why you need to put a lot of effort into building your resume so that it will come out unique. Remember the traditional resume writing you’ve done before? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore hence you need to learn all there is to know about updating your resume to fit in the times. According to Laura Smith-Proulx of  Careerrealism with regards to resume writing:

“What’s changed in recent years and months? Besides the fact an objective isn’t workable anymore, many resumes now contain a splash of color, a branding headline, or a metrics-and detail-packed summary that replaces tired, overused phrases.”

Aside from using the right format, there are few other trends in modern recruiting:

HR and Career Trends 2016
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Do you have any ideas on how you’re going to make your paper stand out among the crowd? Here are some tips that you should take into consideration.

  1. Add some color. Adding a splash of color in your resume can actually help certain elements to pop out. You can always start with something simple as borders, headlines, and the like until you find the best way to integrate color into your resume that will make yours stand out.
  2. Metrics can help. Your resume would do better if you add metrics to it so that your readers will get an idea on how you have contributed to the other companies that you have worked for. Adding a graph can make it easier for your readers to identify your contributions to the companies you have worked in before.
  3. Create your brand. One of the best ways for you to stand out when applying for a job is to create your brand. You can make a headline under your personal information so they will know what your area of expertise is.
  4. Add visuals. Depending on the work that you are applying for, adding visuals such as images can help make your resume look more interesting than before. As long as you keep the design of your resume professional looking, you are adding more value to your paper.
  5. Understand the job description. Before you apply for a job make sure that you understand the qualifications first so you will know whether you are suited for it or not.
  6. Choose relevant information. One of the difficulties in writing a resume is that it’s hard to trim down the information you’re going to share. With that being said, since you already have an idea on what the job is all about, you can remove details in your resume that are not related to the work.
  7. Organize your content. Make sure that your resume is organized as much as possible so that your readers will know what to look for in your paper. Look for a layout that will put the most important details about you in the forefront.
  8. Provide facts. Any skills and experiences that are listed in your resume should be supported by facts. This way, it will be easier for your readers to determine why you are the best candidate for the program.
  9. Show confidence. If you want your resume to really stand out, be confident in what you write. You need to show your readers that you are suited for the job post through your resume.
  10. Get help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when it comes to writing your resume. Having someone else review your work can give you insight on what changes you need to make in your paper for it to stand out. Getting feedback from others and acting on their suggestions can make your resume better with your chances of getting hired increasing too.

Start writing your resume in line with the latest resume trends 2016 already today!