Resumes of US Presidential Election 2016 Candidates

Education, Job History, Motivation of US Presidential Election 2016 Candidates

US Presidential Election 2016 is a topic, that, unsurprisingly generates a lot of attention in the media, internet and social networks. We, writers at, are interested in the outcome of the election and in the US Presidential Election 2016 Candidates, and wonder who will shape the future of the world’s largest economy and influential political power in the years 2016-2020.

Resumes of 2016 Presidential Candidates in a Nutshell

We live in a world that is moving so fast, we hardly have time to stop and take a breath. Definitely no time for thorough analysis.  Want to access in one glance the men and women that may shape the America’s future soon? Take a look at the Presentation, that showcases what US Presidential Election 2016 Candidates Resumes might have looked like.

US Presidential Election 2016 Candidates PPT from Resume 2016

US Presidential Election 2016 Candidates Resumes Infographic

We have researched the most interesting information on every candidate, that probably would make its way into their resumes, if they were applying for the job of the President of the United States of America. How old are they now and where reside, what is their education and working background, and the motivation to becoming the president. One thing, that won’t probably appear in their resume – their net worth. This information might be interesting for voters though)

us presidential election 2016 candidates