Singer Resume Doesn’t Have to Be Hard in 2017. Read These 8 Tips

Singer Resume Doesn’t Have to Be Hard in 2017. Read These 8 Tips

A singer resume is an important part of your application that is why you need to ensure that it will stand out. You need to write an interesting, amazing and great resume containing all information that the employer is looking for. If you want to know how should a resume look, keep reading.

Techniques in Writing the Resume

  • Start early: It is important to write as early as possible so that you can get rid of mistakes if you still have much time left.
  • Format: Be sure that the format you use will help you with your application. It is suggested to use the traditional form of writing the resume, especially if you do not know what format or structure you will use.
  • Get help: Getting a help from a person who know how to write a resume is a good help. You can ask for opinions, suggestions and others.
  • Never use jargons: Some applicants think that jargons are good to use, but it is not.

8 Tips in Writing the Resume

  • Center your name: Place your name at the center top page of the paper and bold it.
  • List primary voice type: You need to write what voice type you know like mezzo-suprano, suprano, baritone and others. Write it under your name.
  • Insert contact details: Write mailing address, email address, telephone number and website.
  • Summarize top skills: You need to summarize your singing qualities and top skills using bullet points.
  • Have repertoire section: You can include a section where you write your actual singing experience, songs you have performed and others.
  • Add education section: List colleges you attended and degrees you’ve earned. It is better to write your vocal training, which include name of vocal coach and years you trained.
  • Up to date details: Be sure to write your contact information for the employer to know where to contact you.
  • Physical attributes: Since you are applying for singer position, your eye color, hair, height and weight should be included at top of your paper.

What to Include

  • Memberships: If you belong to unions or acting organizations, you need to include it in your resume. Showing that you have connection will help you with your application.
  • Past experience: Including your past experience is a good help. Include what you can or what you can do and make sure that you will not lie.
  • Education: Aside from experience, you also need to include about your classes and formal education related to singing.
  • Training: Your resume should include training courses that you have taken. You need to include the name studios or trainers and what you have learned.
  • Primary skills: There are many skills that you can include and be sure to write it.

Powerful Words to Include

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  • Chaired
  • Coordinated
  • Controlled
  • Headed
  • Operated
  • Executed
  • Organized
  • Developed
  • Created

What to Skip

  • Do not make lists: You need to skip making a list of your experience, training and skills. It is suggested that you describe your experience, skills and training in a sentence form.
  • Hobbies: hobbies will not help you in your application that is why you need to skip it in writing your resume.

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How to Impress the Employer

  • Be concise: Recruiters want to know more about you, but you do not need to include everything. You only need to include the important information.
  • Drop the clichés: Employers have seen many words in resumes and if they have seen words that are same with others, they think that the words belong to them.
  • Stick to the facts: All the facts you think the employer needs, you need to write it. Writing how many events you have joined is a nice idea.

You need to start writing your singer resume today while you have much time. It is important that you will be focus in writing your resume to get the position you want.

Refer to these tips in writing singer resume today!