Take an Advantage of This Sample High School Student Resume 2017

Knowing what to include in your good high school resume is a big factor. Yet sometimes nothing comes to your mind. In in the pursuit of enlightment you burn the midnight oil trying to write something to impress the employer.

There are so many questions in your head:

  • What sections should you include?
  • Which resume buzzwords to use?
  • Which formatting to choose?
  • Should I mention my hobbies?
  • Do I have the required skills?
  • Do I have enough experience?

With all that chaos in your thoughts, you are afraid of being rejected, aren’t you?

Well, don’t be! Here is an example that will help you in writing a high school resume and even more tips for you to handle the situation.

Sample High School Student Resume

There are many high school resume samples 2017 on the web and this page present a sample that is good and serve as your guide.

Melissa Smith

Arlington, VA 12444

Home: 555.555.555

Email: melissasmith@yahoo.com

Education: Arlington High School, Virginia



sample high school student resume
Image credit: pinterest.com

Retail store:

  • June 2000 up to present
  • Restock and maintain inventory
  • Provide good customer service


  • Honorable student
  • National Honor Society

Volunteer Experience:

  • Run for life
  • Literacy program Arlington
  • Big sisters

Activities/ Interests:

  • Girl scout
  • Member of high school tennis club

Computer skills:

  • Proficient in PowerPoint, Internet and Microsoft Word

Example of a High School Resume: What to Include

  • Name and contact details: You need to include your complete name, address, email address and contact number.
  • Career and college choices (this is optional)
  • Academic record with information on GPA, Class Rank, AP classes, SAT scores and others: This information can be included in your sample CV 2017 especially if your scores are high.
  • Community activities
  • School activities
  • Work experiences: It can be babysitter or any experiences you have.
  • Awards and honors: The awards you have gained like being valedictorian or being a captain of tennis club team.
  • Interests: It can be personal interests.

You need to know what sections you need to include in your resume. If you do not have experience, focus on your skills, activities and community activities you have done before.

If you have, then include it on your resume because it increases your chance to get an interview.

Finally, do your best in writing your resume and spend enough time in checking out samples and templates to have a guide. You need to take advantage in reviewing the sample CV 2017 to gain ideas on what sections that should be included.

Did you follow our tips and your resume looks amazing?

Then it’s high time you sent your sample high school student resume 2017 to your dream employer!