Resume Format for Engineers 2018

The Best Resume Format for Engineers in 2018

Your resume is there to help you get an interview. To do this it has to be capable of impressing the recruiter in a very short space of time. Most recruiters will spend only a fraction of minute to review your resume looking for the information that they want to know about you. So if your resume for engineers does not immediately grab their attention and present them with what they need to know, then you will probably be overlooked. Therefore, your resume format for engineers is vital as it needs to be able to present your information in a manner that the recruiter will be unable to miss it.

The Best Resume Format for Engineers 2018

Your resume for engineer applications will need to be carefully written if you are going to get noticed. It is best to always write or modify your resume specifically for each job so that it reflects what they are looking for exactly rather than trying to use a generic resume that seeks to do and show everything. While many will see this as extra work it is the most effective way to actually get that interview.

In addition to tailoring your resume to the job you should also follow these tips for your resume format for engineers 2018:

  • Select a format that looks clean and is easy to read: Use a 12pt font that is easy to read, do not use any form of fancy scripts. Have even margins of at least 1” all around the page. Do not use borders, dividers or other decorative effects on your resume. Do not use excessive amounts of formatting in your resume and be consistent with what you do use.
  • Be relevant, do not include large amounts of information that is not directly relevant to this application as it will just make it harder for the reader to see the information that they do want to see.
  • Put the most important information that they need to know at the start of its relevant section so that it is seen first.
  • resume format for engineersresume format for engineersLeave a blank space before each section so that the white space will draw the readers gaze to the most important information on your resume 2018.
  • Be specific, phrases such as “hard-working” do not mean anything unless you can demonstrate them with clear examples.
  • Never just list your responsibilities, they tell the recruiter nothing about your performance and are in most cases obvious just from the job title.
  • Provide your achievements to show them how you have performed your job.
  • Quantify your achievements and be specific about what you have done. If you led a team what type of team was it and how many people in the team? How much did you save? How big an improvement did you make? Numbers get the attention of the recruiter.
  • Do not leave any errors in your resume carefully proofread your writing to ensure that no mistakes slip through.

And if you want to be 100%-ready, then read these useful CV 2018 tips.

Applying as an engineer won’t be easy because you will be competing with other applicants who are vying for the same spot as you. You may have the same qualifications as them or they may even have better background which is why you need to put a lot of effort into building yours so that it will stand out. Submitting a generic resume template 2018 won’t get you the audience you are looking for because it shows that you are not really interested in the job.

You may ask yourself: “How in demand are engineers today?”

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10 Tips to Writing a Resume for Engineers

What makes a resume for engineers really stand out? For those who are just starting to build their resume or want to revise their current resume, here are a few tips to take into consideration.

  1. Be concise. Applicants for an engineering position tend to fill their resume to the brim. Don’t. It’s much better to be concise in your resume rather than bombard your readers with useless information.
  2. Tailor your resume based on the job available. Submitting a mass-posted resume is not really a good idea because you won’t come out strong. Customizing your resume for the job on hand can produce better results.
  3. Keep it real. All information that you add in your resume must be real. Avoid embellishing content because HR managers can fact check.
  4. Utilize project list. If you have several projects that you want to include in your resume but can span more than three pages, create a project list that is separate from your resume to add to your application.
  5. Remove unnecessary details. Keep in mind that you are trying to keep your resume short and to the point so remove any unnecessary details that are not relevant to the job that you are applying for.
  6. List your accomplishments. Your resume should show what accomplishments you’ve done so far in your career. List them down so your reader can spot them instantly.
  7. Keep it simple. Some applicants have the tendency to put a lot of creativity in their resume but fail to capture the interest of their reader. Adding flowers and other intricate designs to your resume may not be appreciated all the time.
  8. Add appropriate titles.  A good resume is one that can be read easily and coherently and not just a jumbled up paper filled with texts. Make it easier for the HR manager to understand your background by breaking the content of your resume in sections with appropriate titles included. This way, your readers can get valuable information about you even when just giving your resume a cursory look.
  9. Choose a good format. If you want your resume to really stand out, choose a format that is different from traditional styles. Here is a sample to consider.
  10. Ask someone to review your resume. Getting someone to review your resume can help you gain insight on whether your paper is interesting to read or if there are changes to be made.

According to Kim Isaacs, an expert from

“Customize each resume you send to the specific role and engineering specialty you are targeting.”

If you want to stand out from the rest of the applicants, you need to learn more about the company and the job being offered. This way, you will be able to address the needs of the client in your resume by directing their attention to specific areas of your resume so they can easily determine if you are qualified for the job or not. Of course, if you are not too confident with what you have written so far, the best way to get around this is to hire a professional resume writing service like ours to help review and correct your existing resume. We can give you feedback on whether you have done a good job already or if there is more room for improvement.
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Your resume format for engineers and what you write is vital for getting an interview so follow our simple tips to help you write the best engineering CV.