The First Job Resume Template 2017 You Have Never Seen Before

The first time resume template may help you land your dream job, but it may also ruin it, if you do not select the best to use based on your experience and industry. In today’s blog, you will discover the essential components of stellar entry-level resume.

Features of the First Job Resume Template 2017

  • Tailored for the job application
  • Highlights the most relevant skills and experience of the applicant
  • Can be a one-page resume
  • May be functional in format since it will highlight more of the skills and not the experience

Writing My First Resume

What makes a good first resume? See the following section on what composes a good application to impress a potential employer that can play up your skills. While creating a good one is no easy task, it is rewarding because it is critical for your success in applying.

  • Choose your point size and font style: Commonly, applicants make use of professional looking font styles, including Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri. And when it comes to size, you should not go less than nine because it is hard to read. The most common and basic is to choose larger than 11, especially for first time applicants who have lack of content.
  • Personal and contact information must be at the top: One of the secrets of a good application is to have your personal and contact details on the topmost portion, with your name having the largest font size than the rest of the content of the paper. Also, include your home address, phone or mobile number and email address. When it comes to your email address, see to it that you are not using a funny-sounding one, such as Use a professional one and possibly containing your full name, like
  • Do you need an objective section? Only have it included if it is specific to the job you are applying, and skip it if you are just coming up with a vague one. Do not use a generic objective, which is just going to waste precious space.
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  • Write a summary: It is an important section in your high school resume template because it can highlight your skills and expertise for the job. You can include professional skills, projects accomplished and work experience, if possible. Again, if your summary would just be filled with cliché, you should skip it.
  • Include the education section: Do not skip it for the first job resume template 2017. This is perhaps the most important accomplishment for most entry-level job seekers. List every college you have attended and include your GPA, if it is high. If you have a relevant coursework, you may also include it, but you don’t need to include every course you have taken. Choose only those that have to do with the job.
  • Include relevant experience and skills: Select internships, volunteering and out of the classroom experiences that have to do with the application. Also, don’t forget about relevant skills.

Getting Started with the First Job Resume Template 2017

For the most part, you should write wisely and strategically, and make your resume and fresh graduate cover letter as succinct and meaty as possible. Remember that an employer only has a couple of seconds to read. Make yours count.

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