What Should a Resume Format 2018 Look Like

Many people nowadays suffer to make their resumes look good. This happens because as many other important job factors, a resume also needs to get updated and improved every year. This not only makes you a better candidate but a savvier and responsible person as well, something many recruiters take into account. However, creating a good resume format 2018 is not as easy as it looks like.

Making a resume 2018 depends on many things, especially on your field of work and the type of application you intend to send. And it all needs work and time to do it effectively or else your resume format won’t be as good as you need it to be. That’s why we want to show you how you can make the best resume format with the help of the best resume examples 2018. Take a look further and find out!

expert tips on resume format 2018Types of Resume Formats

There are many types of new resume format 2018 you can use, yet the most common are the following three:

chronological resume formatChronological resume format

This is the most common resume format most people use. Here you need to list your education and employment history first in a chronological way. This is the best 2018 resume format for people with an extensive and/or valuable work experience.

Chronological resume template – chronological example resume format

Contact information and professional profile
  1. Name, last name
  2. Career, professional profile or specializations
  3. Resume title
Work experience – last jobs or activities

“Remember this part as the most important part of a chronological resume. Make sure you can write everything about each work experience you’ve had in the past, from your job position to the time you’ve worked at it, achievements you’ve made if possible and, of course, the date and company name where you worked at.”

  • Company name
  • Work position
  • Date, when did you started and when did you finish

“Your education is also important, the more titles, degrees or diplomas you have, the better. Place the date, name of institution and location of each.”

  • Dates
  • Institutions
  • Locations

“Skills, abilities or things that make you stand out as an applicant are always important to show within your resume in this segment. Make sure you put the most relevant to the job position first, and the less relevant or unnecessary at the end.”

  • Abilities related to your profession
  • Personal abilities
  • Uncommon skills (languages or any different ability)
functional resume formatFunctional resume format

Instead of showing your work experience and achievements, here you focus more on your skills yet also making sure your work experience is not put out if you need it. It works both for people with an extensive work history as well as for those who don’t have much experience to rely on.

Functional resume template – functional example resume format

Personal information
  1. Name, last name
  2. Phone number, email, address
  3. Career, professional profile, highlighting professional characteristics
  4. Resume title
Profile summary

“It is always recommended to talk about yourself professionally, highlighting your career as a professional, specialization or skills, what you’re better at, and maybe even talk about achievements if you can.”

  • Mention you career
  • Specialization
  • Efficiencies

“The better you write your skills according to the job position you’re applying for, the better. Yet, we recommend writing about things you’re better at – make a little summary of what you’re capable of as a professional”

  • What do you do
  • Competencies

“Never forget to add your work experience. Here make sure you always put the most recent first, unless you want to list the one that most resembles the job position you’re applying for. Just make sure it is tailored according to your needs.”

  • Mention companies where you worked
  • What did you do since your career started
combination resume formatCombination resume format

The combination resume template word 2018 is a hybrid between a chronological and a functional resume. This means that you can focus both on your skills and your work experience chronologically as well as focusing on your professional profile entirely.

Combination Resume Template – Combination Example Resume Format


“Write your skills and abilities, yet make sure you can relate them to the application and how your academic studies/work experience have helped you develop them.”

  • Academic degree
  • Specializations
  • Related courses
Experience – Employment history

“Work experience, titles, positions, maybe even achievements and, of course, company names are always important to write on your experience segment.”

  • Example: Senior Marketing Assistant / 2012 to 2016
Personal information – professional profile
  1. Name, last name
  2. Address, some extra-personal information
  3. Capacities, specialization, resume title
good examples of resume 2018
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Tips for Better Resume Format 2018

Not everyone knows how to make a resume look good enough without help. That’s why we are going to help you do your best with your resume with these wonderful tips:

Templates & formats

The most important thing you need to take into account while writing a resume is that pre-made formats and templates are made to help you focus certain segments instead of others. This limits the potential of your resume, so no matter what format or template you use, always make sure you can modify them as much as possible according to your needs.

Fonts & other elements

The fonts you use on a resume need to look professional. Fonts like Arial, Garamond, Calibri or even Times New Roman are recommended for a resume 2018. Other elements like bullet points, bold fonts, underlining or even italicized words may be used with care and only when needed. Don’t use graphics or too many creative modifications unless your resume is massively personalized.

PDF or Word?

Most resume format 2018 examples are better when you use PDF formats instead of Word. However, PDF is just better when it comes to presenting them, and Word is a lot easier and more comfortable to make them. So, create your resume with Word and convert it to PDF when you are finished. This format is a lot easier and comfortable to read.

Length and segments

A resume shouldn’t have more than 4-5 different segments or go over 2 pages. Actually, a resume with 3-4 segments and only one page is enough to any type of work. Unless you have an extensive work history, it is not recommended to use 2 pages.

best resume examples 2018
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What a Resume Should Look Like in 2018

There are certain aspects or segments for a resume format everyone should take into account. These aspects change the spot depending on the type of resume template word 2018 you choose, yet they are always the same in content. A 2018 resume format should be composed of:

Contact information

Here you need to write things like your name, phone, address, and email. Most people try to include their name in the top of the resume; others like to put it on a side with the rest of the information.

  • Don’t overstuff this part, make sure it reads easily and that it is effective enough.
  • Don’t write more than 2 phone numbers and only one email.

Here you need to make a list of different degrees, diplomas, or any type of studies you’ve had in the past, from courses to even workshops.

  • List them in chronological order or by importance, depending on your needs.
  • Make sure to write dates, institutions and even grades or GPA if you want.

Everyone knows that work experience or history is always important to have on your resume. This will help recruiters know how experienced and good of a worker you can be.

  • Always remember to include the most recent work first.
  • Unless your last job position lasted less than expected, always do it chronologically reverse.
  • Put your most relevant work first, if the job position is not too related to your experience.
  • Position, location, the name of the employer or company and even years are important to list here.
  • Responsibilities are also recommended to add. You can also include accomplishments or achievements. Quantify them if possible.

There are people who like to write an additional profile summary for their resume. Here they often tend to add their objective or future hopes for their career as well as making a little summary of their profile according to their most relevant work experience, skills, and any other professional attribute.

  • Don’t be too simple or cliché, try to be more creative if you use this segment.
  • People like to use a paragraph instead of a bullet list, yet you can use both at the same time if you want.
  • This part is all about what you want to include, it is all up to you.

Your skills are incredibly important for your resume, most recruiters take this part into account, even when most people think they do not.

  • Make a list of technical skills and, if you desire, make a second one of personal skills.
  • Using keywords in this sector will always be really convenient.
  • Remember to add skills relevant to the job position first.
  • Software use, languages, and other verifiable skills are way more important than skills like “leadership, social skills, hard work” and the like.

Want to Make Your Resume 2018 Look Wonderful?

We know how important it is to have the best resume examples 2018 to make a perfect resume for your future endeavors. Using our examples resume and our recommendations will help you immensely make your next resume look wonderful. Take a look at what you need to do and make a new resume format 2018 that wins jobs.

Do not get behind the competition, update your resume format 2018 by using the best resume format 2018 examples!