You Need to Know These Worst Mistakes of Your High School Resume 2016-2017

For high school students looking to apply for a new job, the knowledge about the high school resume 2016-2017 mistakes is important. That is the same exact reason you’re going to learn of the worst mistakes to avoid in resume writing. Let’s begin.

High School Senior Resume Mistakes to Avoid

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  • Not providing complete information at the top of the resume to identify your personal information: Remember that writing your resume is about selling yourself to the employer letting him know about you, but that’s not possible if you aren’t able to write your full name, email address, permanent address and mobile number. In some cases, applicants also fail to use a professional email address, and commit the mistake of writing a crazy-sounding email address.
  • Not writing an objective statement: The high school senior CV sample 2017 should include the objective statement to define the position you are applying for. If you want to avoid the same mistake, write an objective like “Work as a crew at a restaurant where I displayed strong work ethics.
  • Not writing complete information about education: Some high school students fail at writing the complete details about their educational background, including school name and address as well as years attended.
  • Not including relevant coursework: Some high school students do not include their related coursework in their high school senior resume, such as in composition, public speaking and bookkeeping, among others.
  • Not including future plans: One of the worst mistakes in high school academic resume is not writing of future plans in case you know of these. You should write about being accepted to college and if you are awarded a scholarship.
  • Not including work experience: Some applicants fail at noting of their work experience, especially related to the job applied for. To avoid this mistake, write your job title, company name, address, duties and responsibilities, highlighting your best skills that made you effective.
  • Not including honors and awards: Avoid this mistake by listing down your accomplishments.

If you do not know how to prepare better high school resume 2016-2017, always solicit help from expert writers online.

There you have the seven worst mistakes to commit in writing the high school resume 2016-2017. Remember these and avoid such mistakes to increase your job chances.