Your Guide on How to Write a Resume for High School Students 2017

how to write a resume for high school students

It is a fact that a resume is not easy to do because you need to ensure it stand out from all applications. You have only 15 seconds to convince the reader that you are the person they are looking for. If you want your potential to pay attention to your application and get you invited to the interview, you need to work hard on your CV.

If you do not want to succeed at any cost, you need to understand the main principles of writing a CV. Also, do not forget to stick to a proper high school resume format in order to sound and look professional.

Tips on How to Write a Resume for High School Students 2017

  • Make sure that your resume is one to two page only
  • Always use readable fonts
  • Never include unnecessary information
  • Bold the sections and use bullet list as much as possible
  • Proofread your resume before submission

How to Write a Resume High School Student Do’s

  • Make sure to include impactful qualifications and achievements
  • Use professional qualifications or profile section in your resume to provide the reader details about your skills and achievements.
  • Give the most recent and important position you gained. It must be listed in bullet list
  • Pay attention to your CV sample 2017 design and content. Use appropriate symbols or bullet list in separating major sections
  • Include patents, honors, relevant experiences, presentations as well as certifications
  • Proofread your resume to get rid of mistakes and information that are not needed
  • Place education section after experience section
  • Use a 2 page CV as much as possible

How to Make a Resume for High School Students Don’ts

how to write a resume for high school students
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  • Do not inflate your skills and accomplishments
  • Do not confuse your CV sample 2017 with autobiography
  • Do not use pronouns
  • Do not provide personal information such as marital status, height, weight, date of birth and non-work related details
  • Do not repeat any information
  • Do not leave out dates
  • Do not use clichés
  • Do not make your resume a list of job duties-make a list of accomplishments instead
  • Do not use long paragraphs in describing your accomplishments when you still have many details needed to convey. It is better to use bulleted points and must be limited to 2 lines of text

Knowing resume tips for high school students will help you a lot.

If you do not know what you should do, it is better when you completely understand this page to avoid mistakes.